Weekly Comms Roundup 27 July – 31 July 2020

There has been a lot of conversation this week after the UK Government announced plans for all restaurants with over 250 staff members to state the amount of calories in each meal on their menus. The initial proposal for this was back in 2018 and although this is currently only an idea with no timeline of when this will come into effect it has sparked a huge debate online with mental health and eating disorder charities claiming that there is no evidence this will halut the rise of obesity within children but instead see a rise in children with eating disorders.


We all remember being a child and flicking through the Argos catalogue circling everything to add to your Christmas wishlist but after 48 years the decision has been made to stop printing by January 2021. There has been a decrease in printing in the last few years from each edition printing 10million copies to the last run in January declining to 3.4 million.


The Carlsberg new beer campaign objectives were simple, change the outlook people had about their beers, drive an uplift in sales and deliver a high impact campaign. The ‘Mean Tweets’ campaign made by 160over90 certainly did all 3, in the most hilarious way. After looking on Twitter they had noticed there were a number of slightly offensive but humorous tweets that could be used to their advantage to take a new approach to advertising.



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