Weekly Comms Roundup 25 May – 29 May 2020

Fast food restaurant Burger King have launched huge versions of their golden crowns in an attempt to keep customers away from each other. They are offering their “Social Distancing crowns” to people that visit their restaurants, ensuring that customers remember that, despite restrictions being lifted, it is still hugely important to socially distance.


A german café in Schewrin is asking customers to wear special hats with swimming noodles on top, so that they are able to keep a safe distance away from each other whilst having a coffee or a bite to eat – I guess it ensures they know what two metres are!


Lingerie brand Bluebella created the “world’s biggest online fashion show” earlier this month, as they tried to find a way to push their brand. On a post published on their Instagram, Bluebella asked if any of their followers were interested in a ‘top secret project’ – this project turned out to involve 200 models filmed themselves in Bluebella lingerie, walking down their makeshift catwalks of kitchens and hallways.


Ikea Russia is providing parents with some excellent entertainment during COVID-19, as they have passed instructional plans to make little forts using a variety of their products. Using classic Ikea assembly-style instructions, parents will be able to make their children the perfect little den (which, let’s be honest, we all wanted as kids)



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