Weekly Comms Roundup 23 – 27 March 2020

In light of the fantastic work the NHS are doing (not just at the moment but all year round), the whole of the UK paid an emotional tribute at 8pm on Thursday Evening, as people came to their doorsteps and clapped. To all healthcare workers we say ‘Thank you, you truly are heroes.’


In order to keep people entertained and to keep people indoors, Football Manager has made their PC game free for everybody! This offer has now been extended to April 1st, as football fans around the world are lost (this writer included) about what to do with their spare time! ⚽


As reported on the news, the NHS is having to deal with a short supply of ventilators, crucial in the fight against COVID-19. As all global sport has been pretty much cancelled, F1 teams are collaborating with the government and health authorities to try and use their facilities to increase the supply of these ventilators ️


Convenience retailer Nisa have donated £65,000 to support a number of UK communities since the coronavirus outbreak, with the money going on to various causes including food banks, community centres and care homes



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