Weekly Comms Roundup 20 July – 24 July 2020

TikTok has become a part of daily life throughout the last 6 months, whether it is spending hours scrolling through laughing at relatable videos or having the courage to create one yourself, however will it be the same in 6 months time? Some countries including India and the USA are looking to temporarily ban the platform due to suspected data leeks. Although there is little evidence to suggest this has happened it has made other governments  weary and take a closer look at potential security risks. Many people believe this will not have a permanent affect and Tiktok will still be a highly used form of social media.


When lockdown was announced in March for many people this felt like the world had come to a halt, however this cannot be said for the creative industry. As the world was changing and the ‘new normal’ was being created, instead of recycling old adverts some companies including Audi, Apple & Ikea decided this was the prime time to take a new approach at advertising, whilst being at home. Take a look at some of the most popular adverts created during lockdown:


As of 24th July face masks have been made mandatory to wear in the UK in a variety of public places and people could face fines of up to £100 if they are not wearing one. 
This has given many brands the opportunity to create fun and unique face masks people will enjoy wearing. For example Disney has created themed reusable masks full of their favourite characters to encourage older children to wear them and ASOS has a large variety from sequins to plain colours to accommodate every customer.



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