Weekly Comms Roundup 13 July – 17 July 2020

Bansky is well known for his standout creations throughout London and this week he took it even further by creating a piece on none other than one of TFL’s Central Line carriages. This risky piece named ‘If you dont mask you don’t get’ contains paintings of rats sneezing whilst using facemasks as parachutes and was created in an attempt to make more people aware of the importance of wearing facemasks in public spaces. As part of TFL’s no vandalism policy this was quickly removed but certainly made the right impact.


Only a few weeks after Procter & Gamble announced they were going to review and ensure their brands respectfully portray Black people, they have now also announced that they aim to become carbon neutral by the end of this decade. They plan to look into wind, solar and geothermal energy options to help limit global temperature increase by 2030.


Snapchat is trialing a new feature called ‘brand profiles’ for a selected number of brands to advertise and sell on the platform. 30 brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Gucci, VSCO and Prada have been picked to try out this feature in the hope that business will move over to Snapchat after the recent boycotting of Facebook and Instagram over misinformation on the platform.



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