Weekly Comms Round-Up 25th – 29th January 2021

P1C News

It’s been a big week for our client FluidOne who announced a strategic investment in Cyber Security Associates Ltd (who’s website we redesigned, check it out here ) to enhance its Connected Cloud Solutions offering.

Social Media


To prompt more engagement between creators and their fans, TikTok has launched a new Q&A option enabling users to ask questions that can then be answered in future videos. The mechanism works similar to that of Instagram’s question feature on stories, but we anticipate there will be a lot more creativity involved.


Instagram has announced the launch of a new ‘Professional Dashboard’ to help creators maximise and monetise their platform presence. The new feature will be a central destination to track basic performance insights, discover professional tools and explore educational information curated by Instagram itself. We’re excited to see how this could affect content creation in the future.

Ad Campaign


Ryan Air has been forced to pull its controversial “jab and go” ad campaign as it was dubbed a tasteless effort to capitalise on the new Covid-19 vaccine. The campaign encouraged people to book trips abroad for Easter and the summer but failed to consider how the irresponsible messaging trivialised the pandemic’s impact on society.

The Power of a Meme


The flood of Bernie Sanders’ mitten memes on the internet has not only given us all something to chuckle at but have helped raise $1.8m for charitable organisations in Sanders’ home state of Vermont. The sum comes from the sale of merchandise depicting the now-iconic image on Bernie Sander’s campaign store. Unfortunately, it is clean out of stock, but we’re keeping a keen eye.

Tip of The Week


If you’re regularly posting Instagram content that sends followers to a specific site then it can be hard to remember to make sure the correct link is in the bio, and what if you need to share multiple links at once? Link in bio tools, such as Linktree or Feedlink, is an incredibly useful way to maximise the link in bio feature and direct people to the right places.

Meme of the week



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