Weekly Comms Round-Up 16 November – 20 November 2020

Social Media Stories


Finally jumping on the bandwagon, Twitter has introduced its own version of a story format called ‘fleets’ for all those times you wanted to tweet but didn’t. Unfortunately, after just one day the rollout has ended as it kept crashing the app – guess they really do disappear after 24 hours.


Whoever runs Pope Francis’ Instagram account had a baptism of fire after being caught liking a very NSFW photo of Instagramer Natalia Garibotto. Whilst the pope is known for being more liberal than his predecessors, it’s hard to imagine it was intentional. The post has since been unliked, but a little too late as the mistake didn’t go unnoticed!
Warning: link includes NSFW imagery


Social Media Managers rejoice! Instagram has finally enabled desktop account switching. The new feature may be simple, but oh so effective! It not only allows for seamless transitions from one account to the next but saves you having to keep track of login details and passwords. Pretty neat!

Ad Campaigns


To mark the launch of the latest PS5 console, Playstation has taken over Oxford Circus Tube station in London. The 48-hour marketing stunt sees the station rebranded with classic Playstation shapes you’ll find on the controller. And it doesn’t stop there! Other London stations have been temporarily rebranded with nods to well-loved games, our favourite is Lancaster Gate rebranded as Ratchet and Clankaster Gate!


Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s found itself trending on Twitter this week for both good and bad reasons. Its latest series of Christmas ads feature families from diverse backgrounds which has been celebrated as much as it has been criticised. The racist remarks sparked outrage across the UK with many people jumping in to defend Sainsbury’s and their decision to be inclusive.


Remember the BBC dad that was interrupted by his two kids and desperate nanny on live TV? Well, he’s back! Twitter has featured him in its new marketing campaign to introducing conversation settings allowing control over who can reply to your tweets. A nifty feature we imagine will help streamline threads!

Tip of the week


Acknowledging your mistakes makes your brand more authentic and provides an opportunity for your audience to relate. Relationships built on authenticity are more likely to last.


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