Weekly Comms Round-Up 11th – 15th January 2021

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks to kick off the year with lots of exciting projects. To keep our bodies moving, we’ve enjoyed some lunchtime fitness courtesy of Aldenham School’s live PE sessions on Instagram. Tune in if you’ve still got a few mince pies to work off (we know we have!)

Social Media News


Despite a record-breaking rise to his first one million followers on Instagram, Sir David Attenborough has decided to leave the platform following a brief stint. He said he has been inundated with messages and already has enough problems responding to 70 letters a day by post. If you decide to send Sir David a letter, include your return address – and a stamp would be much appreciated, too.

Top Design Story


Burger King is taking things back to its roots with a retro redesign, which includes a logo resembling the brand from the 70s to the 90s. Influenced by a need to combat negative perceptions of the brand food, Burger King hopes the new design will make their food seem tastier and crave-able. Does the retro logo make you want to dash to your nearest Burger King?

Top Campaign

Channel 4 got creative with its latest message inviting viewers into its lockdown bubble. The lighthearted entertainment package, Bubble Up with Channel Four, features shows like The Great Pottery Throwdown and First Dates. To communicate what’s on offer, 4Creative floated the idea of a pink bubble which will drift across Channel 4, as well as its sister channels over the following six weeks.

Tip of The Week

Gaining solid engagement on Instagram is all a matter of timing. The latest algorithm prioritises new content on follower’s feeds, so the best chance of your content being seen is by posting when most of them are online. You can find this out by heading to your Instagram Insights!

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