Six Brands That Are Embracing The Latest Trends and Technologies

In need of some inspiration for your marketing efforts? Looking to catch up on the latest trends and technologies being embraced in the world of brand communications? Or perhaps you just want to know what the big wigs of the marketing world are getting up to?

Check out our round-up of the latest brands to take on the challenges of branding in 2021 by embracing the latest trends and technologies…


Netflix has launched an online store selling limited edition products tied to their shows. will initially launch in the U.S but will expand into other countries soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check it out here:

Dominos Pizza



In case you missed their latest ad featuring a group of male friends yodeling across a city, Dominos Pizza has launched a ‘group order’ option.

The option allows app users to order together with friends and family for one delivery while keeping payments and preferences separate.

All you have to do is send out an invite to your chosen group, and they’ll be able to add their favourite Domino’s pizza to the order!

Watch the ad here:



Together with creative music agency Massive Music, Colgate has developed a new audio brand identity to match the brand’s signature smile logo.

The brand consulted with a team of academics, ethnomusicologists, and neuroscientists to come up with the human hum as the perfect accompaniment for the existing logo.

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Amazon has launched a hair salon in East London to showcase new technologies available for retailers and service providers.

Customers can use AR to try on a huge range of styles and colours virtually before committing to their new do.

Customers can also interact with products via their smartphones, and enjoy an array of magazines on the salon’s tablets.

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L’real Professional


L’Oreal has created its own TV show that it hopes, by season two, may be picked up by the likes of Netflix or Amazon.

The seven-episode series – called Run Le Hair Show – will be fronted by fashion journalist Peggy Frey, designer Charlie le Mindu, and celebrity hairdresser Min Kim, who will discuss trends, conduct interviews, and perform ‘masterclasses’ of different styling techniques in each 45-minute episode.

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Period product brand Initimina created their own Pantone colour to represent menstruation.

The bright shade of red, named ‘Period’ was distributed on Pantone’s social media channels, as well as across UK, US, and Western European media.

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