P1C Monday Finds Round-Up: 22nd– 31st January 2022

Happy Monday! To kick off a brand new week, we’ve got another edition of our weekly blog for you, so make yourself comfortable and read on for this week’s Monday Finds.

P1C News


This week, we kicked off with a brand new client, Trigg Digital. You can give them a follow, and find out more about what they do, on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages, which we’ll be adding loads of great content to very soon.

The restaurant and cocktail bar Boiler & Co., is now officially open! To celebrate the launch it’s serving up an exclusive new seven-course tasting menu, with delicious dishes created by Head Chef and culinary expert Kerth Gumbs – book your table now.

James Griffiths, Co-Founder and CTO of Cyber Security Associates, was interviewed in the Top Business Tech podcast, which was released last week – you can listen to it here. CSA’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Dave Woodfine, made an appearance on BBC Points West, talking about the recent cyber attack on the Gloucester City Council’s website. We’ve also got an interview with Russell Horton, the CEO of FluidOne, coming out in Comms Business in the next couple of weeks – so watch this space.

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and we’ve been busy designing some creative work for it. The dates change from year to year, but this year it falls on the 1st of February, and will be ringing in the Year of the Tiger. As part of the celebrations, our client Far East Consortium has launched some exciting Chinese New Year activations in Manchester.

On social media, Downtown Design has unveiled a stylish new colour palette for 2022 – take a look at their Instagram to find out more. If you aren’t following Hard Rock Cafe on TikTok yet, then you really should be – the team have been busy creating some new videos that you’ll be able to watch very soon, so give them a follow here.

We’re still on the lookout for some new people to join the team, too, so if you’ve been reading this and thinking it sounds like it’s just up your street, you’re in luck. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for job listings.

Social Media News


Read on to discover some of the latest updates and news stories in the world of social media.

  • Twitter is trying out a new feature called Flocks. It enables users to share tweets with a specific group of people, rather than every single one of your followers. You can select up to 150 people to be in your Flock, and all the members will be alerted whenever you share a new tweet with them. The tweet will have a marker on it, so the people in your Flock will know that only they can see it. If you’re looking to target certain posts to a small audience, this could be the way to go.
  • Instagram has announced that it’s making it easier for users to find out when their favourite creators are doing a live stream, with the option to display scheduled streams on their profile page. When tapped, it will provide users with more information, as well as allow them to sign up for a reminder when it actually begins. This will give users the ability to raise more awareness of their live streams, and they can schedule as many as they like.
  • Snapchat’s newest feature, ‘Catalog-Powered Shopping Lenses,’ will make it easier than ever for brands to showcase some of their latest products. Users will be able to see how they look in products like sunglasses and make up, while information like prices will be displayed in the app. By using this, brands will be able to get more insight into what products are proving to be most popular, or which kinds of products a specific customer is interested in, making it easier to target ad campaigns.
  • TikTok has launched a new course, ‘TikTok Tactics’ (try saying that five times fast). The online course is designed to help marketers use the platform, with tips and insights. It includes a range of lessons on everything from attribution and targeting, to creative best practices and how to level up your strategy. There’s even a 19-page guide book to read.
  • Instagram’s made a much-needed upgrade to the Polls sticker. Now, when you use the sticker in one of your Instagram Stories, you can add up to four options rather than two, which should make it easier to generate engagement. You can even change the colour of the question now – which might seem like a small change, but it allows you to personalise your Stories even more.

Full steam ahead

Fashion brands The North Face and Gucci have collaborated on a new range of clothes and accessories. When it came to promoting the range in an ad campaign, High Snobiety turned to none other than the TikTok star and trainspotter extraordinaire Francis Bourgeois.

The social media star charmed the internet during lockdown, with his videos of him excitedly watching trains. He now has more than 2.2 million followers on TikTok, and counts Joe Jonas and Thierry Henry amongst his biggest fans. The new clothing line aims to draw connections between luxury, adventure and streetwear, and this campaign showcases the impact TikTok is already having on the world’s fashion industry. Fittingly, since Francis Bourgeois is involved, the campaign features Bourgeois as a conductor of a train, albeit a train full of people wearing designer clothes.

You can read more about the new campaign, and check out the photos, here:


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