P1C Monday Finds Round-Up: 21st – 28th March 2022

Happy Monday! Before you start counting down the days to next weekend, why not take a break and catch up on all the news from Plus 1 Communications?

P1C News


Aldenham Education Group’s newest school, Aldenham Riyadh, will be opening its doors to students in September – and last week, registration for the school went live. For a short period of time, the school will be waiving the registration fee, so if you’re a parent in Riyadh looking for a new school, head over to Aldenham Riyadh’s website to find out more.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend (it was on Sunday, in case you’d forgotten about it), Boiler & Co., hosted a Mother’s Day bottomless brunch. And if you missed out, keep an eye on their social media pages for future brunches – you can follow them on Instagram

A new blog went up on Cyber Security Associates’ website this week, about the risks of hackers accessing connected medical devices – you can find out more and check out the blog here.

One of our newest clients, the UAE-based advisory firm TOUGHLOVE Advisors, had some coverage in one of the Middle East’s leading business magazines, Arabian Business, this week. Find out about the consultancy’s business model and expansion plans here.

Social Media News


Find out what’s been going on in the world of social media lately, from launches to new features that are being tested.

  • Twitter is currently testing new ways of sharing content from Spaces, the live audio chats that anyone can take part in. Users can now create audio clips of up to 30 seconds long from recorded broadcasts, and share them in a tweet, which links back to the full recording. This new feature should give users more ways of making more content from their Spaces, as well as generating interest in them.
  • YouTube has announced some new features and updates for YouTube Live, its livestreaming feature. With ‘Go Live Together,’ creators will be able to invite guests to their livestreams by sending them a link. The hosts will be able to see data and analytics, but the guests won’t. Another new feature, ‘live rings,’ will show users when a particular creator has gone live.
  • Instagram has finally brought back an algorithm-free chronological feed for users. If you open the app and click on the logo in the top left corner, you’ll be given two options. ‘Following’ shows you posts from everyone you follow. ‘Favourites,’ meanwhile, shows posts from accounts you’ve added to your favourites list – you can add up to 50. Most importantly, both feeds are in chronological order, just like in the good old days – something people have been asking Instagram for for years.
  • Facebook is developing ways for users to share their thoughts about Reels, and let creators know their feelings. With Reactions, users will be able to hold the like button and send them one of a range of emojis, from thumbs up and hearts to shocked or angry faces. At the moment, there’s no news on when or if the feature will be rolled out for all users.
  • LinkedIn has launched a new way to help brands stay in touch with their audience on the platform. Company pages can now create and share newsletters on the app, with followers getting notifications whenever they release a new update. Subscribers can also opt in to get email notifications about any future newsletters.

Cheers to the metaverse


Heineken poked fun at the metaverse this week with the launch of a new product that’s being touted as ‘the world’s first virtual beer.’ Following the growing trend of low-alcohol and low-calorie beverages, the beer makers have released Heineken Silver, a drink with zero calories, zero alcohol – and, of course, zero taste. It’s only available in the Decentraland, a 3D virtual world in the metaverse, at Heineken’s virtual brewery, where visitors can head to the bar or strut their stuff on the dance floor, all while enjoying a virtual drink and virtual caviar.

As well as poking fun at all the hype around the metaverse and NFTs that’s going on at the moment, the virtual product launch was also a way of showcasing Heineken’s newest real-world drink. It’s also called Heineken Silver, but you can actually get your hands on this one. Launched this week, it has less alcohol than other Heineken drinks, and is designed to be less bitter, too.

If you missed out, and weren’t hanging out in the metaverse to catch the launch, you can watch the official virtual unveiling on YouTube:

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