P1C Monday Finds Round-Up: 15th – 18th March 2022

Happy Monday! Hopefully you had a good weekend, but before you start counting down the hours until next weekend, make yourself comfortable and read on to find out what all of us at Plus 1 Communications got up to over the past week.


P1C News

Tickets went on sale for the SuperCars & Classics Weekend last week. It’s set to take place at Stonor Park on the 21st and 22nd of May, for two days of stunning cars and family entertainment. You can find out more on Instagram, or buy tickets here.

Our clients Cyber Security Associates recently announced a partnership with Koris365, to combat a rise in cyber threats – you can read more about it on CSA’s website, or check out coverage on Technology Reseller

FluidOne published a new blog last week, on the future of network security. You can read it here and get some cyber security tips.

Boiler & Co., the cocktail bar and restaurant, had some coverage in Conde Nast Traveller, which you can check out here. And if reading that makes you want to pay them a visit, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re launching their first brunch later this month – you can buy tickets now.

Over on TikTok, the Hard Rock Cafe account is now verified. And after hitting 32,000 followers a couple of weeks ago, it’s now almost at 60,000 – so if you’re not following them already, why not? You can find the account here.

Social Media News


Read on to find out more about some of the latest features and updates that social media networks have recently launched.

  • Twitter’s working on a new way for creators to make money from the app – Tweet Awards. This news comes after they recently launched other monetisation features like Super Follows and subscription cards. The award option appears as a present icon at the bottom of tweets, next to the icons for retweeting and liking. Twitter hasn’t officially announced Tweet Awards, but it looks to be similar to the virtual gifts on Reddit and Facebook.
  • Pinterest has released a new way for users to download and then share their Idea Pins on other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Idea Pins, which were launched last year, are short videos that creators can use to share everything from designs to recipes. This new option should prove useful for Pinterest creators who have a lot of followers on other platforms, as they’ll be able to easily share the same content across multiple platforms.
  • Snapchat’s added a new way for businesses to use its AR Landmarks feature, with the ability to add Custom Landmarks. Creators can now make and share location-specific Lenses in Lens Studio, and anchor them to anything from a shop to a statue. They can be used to entertain, to educate, or just to advertise your brand – and you can partner with a Snap creator to make one for you, and connect with your audience even more.
  • TikTok has launched the SoundOn program, designed to help unsigned musicians share their music. Any musician will be able to upload their music and licence them for use on TikTok and start earning royalties – they’ll get 100% for the first year, and 90% after that. Musicians will also get audience insight, advice from the SoundOn team, promotional support, and even the option to share their tracks on other music platforms.
  • Twitter looks to be getting more involved with e-commerce, and is testing ‘Twitter Shops’ for professional profiles on the app. If a business enables the option, they’ll have a ‘View Shop’ button on their profile. Clicking it will take users to a page showcasing up to 50 products the business is selling on the app, along with information including prices, names, and photos. The feature is free to use, but it’s currently only available in the US – with other countries to follow, hopefully.

What were they inking?


It’s World Tattoo Day today – that’s the 21st of March, in case you aren’t reading this on the day it comes out – and to celebrate, the language learning app Duolingo has launched a new campaign, with an advert directed by Pierre Edouard Joubert. Since so many people decide to get tattoos in different languages that end up meaning something completely different to what they wanted, Duolingo’s decided to help.

The ad shows tourists ending up at a tattoo parlour after a big night – one asks for a tattoo saying ‘I’m free’ but gets one saying ‘I’m for free, and another thinks he’s getting a tattoo that says ‘courage’ when it actually means ‘toilet demon’ (which is slightly different). Duolingo isn’t just making fun of all those people who have poorly translated tattoos, though – they’re here to help. For two weeks from the 21st of March, you can get your tattoos checked for mistakes by Duolingo’s team of experts. Send a photo of it to them on Instagram or Twitter, along with that you think it says, and they’ll let you know if it’s right or not. You can also email them at if you want to be more discreet.

The company’s also urging people to share photos of their worst foreign language tattoos online with the hashtag #TattooDuoOver. Duolingo will reward the very best of the worst with a trip to Paris and a chance to get a do-over, and get some brand-new ink at the famous tattoo parlour Abraxas, or a free subscription to Duolingo Plus. Anyone who enters will also get a code for a free one-month Duolingo trial – so hopefully they won’t make any more linguistic mistakes.

Find out more here, or watch Duolingo’s new advert over on YouTube:

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