P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 8th– 14th January 2022


It might not technically be Friday any more, but we’re not going to let that stop us from sharing a brand new edition of Friday Finds – perfect timing, if you need some cheering up after Blue Monday.

P1C News


There’s a lot happening with our clients this week. For a start, Boiler & Co officially opened its doors this week – head down and you can get a cup of specialty coffee for just £1, up until the 26th of January when the tasting menu by Kerth Gumbs launches. The venue has also had some coverage online, in Brummell Magazine, Bar Magazine, and Hot Dinners’ list of new London restaurants you just have to check out.

Cyber Security Associates have launched a series of blogs on the Cyber Essentials update, on the 24th January, which you can read here.

Social Media News


Find out some of the newest developments and features making headlines in the world of social media.

  • TikTok is currently testing a new feature aimed at helping creators grow their audiences and connect with more people. It’s only available to some users at the moment, but the feature allows users to share their latest clips on other third-party platforms. When other people click the link to view the video clip, they’ll also automatically follow you, giving both your views and follows a much-needed boost. Find out more here:
  • Twitter has rolled out the ability to record Spaces. Spaces hosts on iOS and Android devices will now be able to record their broadcasts and re-share them at a later date. All the participants in a Space will be able to see when it’s being recorded, thanks to a red dot in the top left-hand corner of the screen, and the host can stop the recording at any time. Find out more here:
  • Instagram is testing out a new option that gives users the ability to rearrange the posts on their profile. The ‘Edit Grid’ option would allow people to move previously posted photos into any order, regardless of when they were actually posted. If this moves past testing, it would give users the option to shine a spotlight on posts or photos that they want to showcase to audiences. Find out more:
  • Snapchat has launched a range of features to make users’ experiences more personal and interactive. Users can now add emoji polls in their snaps and stories – the poll stickers can be found in the sticker folder. In group chats, users are able to reply to individual messages, or react with one of seven Bitmoji reactions, giving their reactions a more personal touch. Even video calls have had an update – it’s easier to use lenses in video calls, and users can see who’s on a group call before they join it. Read more here:
  • Pinterest has revealed insights into how men are using their app. Although the majority of users are female, more and more men are starting to use it, which could provide some marketing opportunities for brands that traditionally target men. According to Pinterest, most of its male users are planning to get back to their life goals in 2022, and 75% of them are looking to spend money to achieve those goals. Find out more about Pinterest’s findings here:

An Egg-cellent Idea

Christmas is over, which means it’s time to start looking forward to the next big thing. Some people might say it’s a bit too early to be thinking about Easter, but not us. And not Cadbury, either, who have just launched a new advertising campaign for everyone’s favourite Easter treat, Creme Eggs – which are back on the shelves in huge numbers.

They’ve put a twist on their famous slogan this year. Instead of ‘“How do you eat yours?” Cadbury is asking, “How do you NOT eat yours?” They’ve hidden some rare half-white and half-milk chocolate eggs – and if you find them, you could win yourself a prize worth up to £10,000. All you’ve got to do is stop yourself from eating it.

You can watch one of the new adverts here:


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