P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 8th – 12th March 2021

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On Monday we celebrated International Women’s Day to recognise the amazing achievements of women worldwide. As a digital agency, this meant pulling together inspirational and informative content for our clients across various platforms such as Far East Consortium UK, Cultural Intelligence Hub and OCR Park – give them a like if you haven’t already!

Social Media


Twitter shared the next stage of its new business profile tools with several new elements, including verification by default, a business category, a new panel for business information (like location, hours of operation, etc.), and a new business profile badge to signify that it is an official, recognised business presence. It will be interesting to see which of these features makes the final cut!


If you watch video content on Instagram muted, then you’re not alone. Many videos and stories will have captions manually added by the creator, but if you’ve ever had to do this then you know it can be a time consuming task! Luckily, Instagram has spotted the opportunity to add a ‘Captions’ sticker on stories to auto-caption video content with a range of different styles. The feature is not currently publicly testing, but we’re sure social media managers will rejoice once it’s available!

Ad Campaign


Burger King’s attempt to turn a sexist trope on its head for International Women’s Day backfired when they decided to repurpose copy used in a print ad on Twitter. Starting with “women belong in the kitchen”, the thread of tweets explained the brand’s scholarship to help women begin a culinary career. Great, right? Well, only if you got the full story.

They failed to see that, on Twitter, context would not be quite as obvious as on the newspaper ad. They also failed to understand the mechanics of Twitter, ignoring that the platform makes it easy to share a single tweet, but not threads. The lesson here is to tailor your content for each platform and know how they work!



Ian Murray said he would step down from his role at the Society of Editors following a row over its reaction to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s comments about racism in the media. Whilst the original statement was not intended to defend racism in UK media, it came across that way and certainly hit a nerve. The media industry has a lot of work to do on inclusivity and diversity – perhaps we will now see statements turned into action?

Tip Of The Week


If Burger King taught us anything this week, it’s that you need to know your audience AND know your platform. Whilst repurposing content is good practice, it’s important to make sure what you are sharing is appropriately tailored to each platform. For instance, you wouldn’t paste an entire blog post into an Instagram story, but you could share some key points and direct followers to the full blog via a swipe up.

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