P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 7th – 13th August 2021

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P1C News

This week we finally got to announce that we’ll be working with a brand new client, central London cocktail and gastro bar Boiler and Company, as of next month. It’s safe to say we’re all very excited for this one!

Meanwhile, Marketing Manager Kirsty has passed her probation with flying colours and is now officially a long-term member of team P1C. AND Social Media Manager Nicole is moving into her very own Windsor flat, which will be her first permanent UK residence!

Social Media News

If you hopped onto Twitter on Wednesday, you might have noticed a few changes to the design and layout. That’s because the Twitter gods decided to have a little in-app refresh to align with their brand refresh for 2021! So what has changed? A new font, left alignment, and a change in colours are all for now, but it looks like there is much more on the horizon…. So watch this space! Read more about the changes


Following a rise in abuse on the platform (particularly directed at celebrities), Instagram has announced new measures to protect users from bullying. After the horrendous actions of internet trolls to England’s Euro final loss, social media users across the UK called for change. Thankfully, it seems Instagram has listened! Find out what’s new

Ads News


The term ‘privacy-first web’ has quickly become the word on the street in Adland. Why? We’re guessing Google’s cookie ban probably has something to do with it! Although now delayed until 2023, the move to block all third-party cookies from Google Chrome will make enormous changes to the way marketers target their ads. So why the oreos? Well, Mondelez International (confectionary gods and owners of the beautiful Oreo brand) have been one of the first big organisations to tap into cookie-less ad measurement. The plan has been a part of an early access programme run by the ad measurement tool’s creators, DoubleVerify (DV).
To avoid getting caught out in 2023, it’s certainly worth taking a leaf out of Mondelez’ book… Read more about DV’s tool and how Mondelez are using it
If you’re a premium member of The Drum, you can find out more about their findings from the campaign here

Weird Social Content Of The Week


As per usual, brands were doing weird stuff on social media this week. Our latest example is Walkers’ attempt to jump in on the football conversation with a Messi-inspired crisp flavour. We’re not sure we’d buy this one, tbh… Check out the original tweet

Ad Of The Week


Did you know that many of the helpful staff you encounter in a Nike store are actually athletes themselves? No? You’re not alone!
Nike’s latest ad campaign consists of a series of short films celebrating the brand’s in-store athletes and the genuine expertise they bring to each store. We love the point of difference this campaign brings to the Nike brand and its stores at a time when physical shopping appears to be making a comeback! Watch runner Confidence’s story here Or gym-lover Sasha’s story here

Memes of the week

One for the social media managers…

And one for the #FridayVibes!



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