P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 4th – 10th September 2021

That’s Thank God For Friday Finds.

It’ll catch on, we swear…

P1C News

New clients, a big push on video content, and a plethora of blogs have kept the P1C team ultra-busy this week. But all that hard work does not come without reward! Alice and Kirsty will be heading off to the Isle Of Wight festival next week, courtesy of our client Hard Rock Cafe, AND we’ve finally got a date in for our big team meet-up on 23rd September (yay!).

Special shout out to Alice and Jess, who were the well-deserved recipients of August’s employee of the month.t The two of them worked so hard this month, the vote ended in a tie!

Social Media News


Friday Finds readers loved our bullet-pointed social media news so much, we’ve decided to keep the new format for future blogs. Enjoy!

Greenpeace VS Tesco


Greenpeace has gone IN on Tesco with a new campaign aimed at highlighting the level of deforestation caused by the supermarket’s meat trade. The organisation’s campaign centers around a pretty eye-catching video and has sparked protests at Tesco stores across the UK.

Watch the campaign video here:

This One’s For The Vegans


If, like two of P1C’s Windsor team members, you are of the plant-based persuasion, McDonald’s most recent menu announcement is for you. Veggie and vegan lovers of the iconic fast-food chain have been waiting months, if not years, for a decent plant-based option – and now it is here.

“Road trip to Coventry on 29th September, anyone?” – Kirsty

A Birthday Badge Like No Other


Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, and they’ve marked the occasion with a beautiful new logo. The image, which is designed to appear as if drawn using light, incorporates the numbers ‘3’ and ‘0’ in a way that also represents the iconic image of a certain famous Disney mouse. Sometimes simple really is best!

Watch the logo’s full social media unveiling here:

Throwback Of The Week


Nick Jr. managed to incite some tears from P1C members this week with a throwback tweet featuring Steve from Blues Clues. The video, in which Steve harked back to the early days of the show and his rather rapid departure, is a perfect example of how brands can pull back in some of their oldest (and often forgotten) fans through a little nostalgia.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Watch it here:

Ads Of The Week

Two ads of the week again this week! We’ve been spoilt for choice…


The first of our ad favourites this week had to go to The Royal Navy’s ;atest campaign. Following the story of a Sikh lieutenant, the ad demonstrates some of the hardships faced by ethnic minorities (particularly those steeped in religion) when deciding to join the armed forces. Raj’s story is both hard-hitting and incredibly inspiring, and it is not surprising that the ad won one of the free advertising slots up for grabs in last year’s Channel 4 Diversity In Advertising Awards.

Watch the full ad here:


The second ad of the week comes courtesy of cryptocurrency platform FTX. The short flick features iconic NFL quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen, alongside a number of other NFL personalities, discussing their plan to start trading crypto on FTX. The ad’s release was perfectly-timed to coincide with the new season of American Football, making the very most of the NFL-related conversation to maximise the campaign’s reach. Nice work, FTX!

Watch the ad here:

Meme of the week

Them Friday feels…



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