P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 4th – 10th December 2021


Strap in people… it’s time to get your Friday Finds fix!

P1C News


There’s been a lot to get excited about this week. The team has been working hard creating awesome blog, social and design content for our clients, plus planning upcoming Christmas campaigns. Invevo hosted a tech meetup in Romania last night to discuss how enterprise businesses are addressing the challenges in adopting new technologies – watch it back here. Boiler & Co are working hard to prepare their brand-new Southwark venue opening soon, and have been listed by Culture Whisper as one of London’s best new restaurants for December! Plus, Cyber Security Associates are getting in the festive spirit with their 12 Days of Cyber Christmas blog. Check it out here for a refresher on how to stay safe online with cyber security best practices that can be adopted all year round.

And, as it’s right on the tip of our tongues with just hours to go… we can’t forget to mention that it’s our annual Christmas party and awards celebration TONIGHT! We’re so excited for everyone to come together, have new staff meet old and enjoy a fabulously festive evening as a team. As this year’s theme is ‘Dress to Impress’ we can’t wait to get glammed up and collect our awards as if it’s the Oscars. We’ll be sharing some pictures from the night soon after, so keep your eyes peeled to see how well we can scrub up. You’ll be in for a treat!

Social Media News


If you’ve been in hibernation this week (cause it sure is cold), here’s what you might’ve missed in the world of social media:

  • Instagram head has confirmed that the chronological feed will be making a return to the app after users have grown frustrated with the current AI ranking algorithm, where posts are shown based on user preferences. Being able to see posts as they are shared makes much more sense, preventing valuable content from being lost in the algorithm. We look forward to this one!
  • Facebook and Instagram owners, Meta, have developed a new AI technology called a Few-Shot Learner (FSL) that can be used to detect harmful content within just weeks. Anything that helps make digital spaces safer gets a big thumbs up from us.
  • Snapchat has introduced exclusive features for it’s Pixel 6 users, including ‘Quick Tap to Snap’ which allows faster, easier access with a double tap on the back of the phone to snap those crucial moments just in time! Great news for Android users.
  • Facebook launches new ‘Professional Mode’ for creator profiles to introduce more money-making opportunities and receive advanced insights that were previously only available on Facebook Pages. BUT the feature is currently invite only for select users in the US, so we’ll have to wait patiently for this one to reach us (cry!).
  • Twitter takes a page out of TikTok’s book with tests to turn its in-app explore page into a TikTok-like video feed. A great opportunity for brands on Twitter to increase discovery and engagement with video strategies.
  • Instagram adds more exciting functionalities to its user-wide link sticker: customisable text and colours. We’re sure this’ll be an appreciated new feature for brands looking to drive traffic to their website content – no more of that ‘link in bio’ palaver on stories!

Christmas Party Ads


In the run up to our big Christmas bonanza, we’ve been getting in the party spirit and gaining inspiration from recent Christmas ads. Here are a selection of our favourites that give off some real Christmas party vibes…

Slay It – George at Asda

As this is Asda’s first standalone Christmas party wear campaign, first impressions count, and they’ve got it spot on. The ad sees a transgender character enter a tranditional pub setting shying away from the spotlight to avoid stares in their strikingly sequinned outfit. But, in an effort to challenge societal stereotypes, they bare all and take the dance floor to #SlayIt. The ad collaborated with Diversity Role Models in which George at Asda donated £100,000 to help end LGBT+ bullying in schools. After that dance display we all want to get involved… head to TikTok for the #SlayItWithGeorge challenge!

Watch the full ad here

Make Christmas Spectacular – ASDA

There’s something so festive about ice skating, right?! And here, yet again, Asda hits the mark for their efforts. We love that the ad shows every aspect of the Christmas festivities from pantos, to office parties and family dinners. Big moments that we all cherish, but make it EXTRA! There are downsides, though, as we sit here wishing that we were all pro ice skaters… *flashback to falling over after a kid pirouettes past us*

Watch the full ad here

Christmas to the Maxx – TKMaxx

Ahh that anticipated school talent show / panto… we’ve all been there, though it does get so repetitive. But not when you switch it up and go against the norm like blue-booted pianist Laurie did! Sometimes going against the grain really does work. We wanna be sporting our dancing shoes amongst that crowd too.

Watch the full ad here

This Season’s Drip – FLANNELS

Now, we know Flannels doesn’t tend to disappoint with their fashion lines, so we wouldn’t expect anything less from their 2021 Christmas ad debut. Wanna eat dinner in a leopard print coat – go for it. Wanna show off your yellow eyeshadow, bling jewels and brand new hairdo – go for it. Anything goes this year as Flannels promote ‘This Season’s Drip’, the looks we all want to get our hands on. Now that sure gave us some ideas for bold Christmas party outfits…

Watch the full ad here

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