P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 29th May – 4th June 2021

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After enjoying a sunny bank holiday, team P1C has been busy fitting a full work week into four days. And it certainly hasn’t been a quiet one! There have been some new launches and social channel set-ups this week, alongside a host of design and animation work, and a sprinkling of creative brainstorming. Meanwhile, we’ve also been working behind the scenes on something really exciting. It’ll be shared with you next week, so keep your eyes peeled! AND today we’re finally meeting up in the Windsor office for a long-awaited face-to-face (and a couple of Friday drinks, of course).

Social Media News


Twitter is upping the ante on its attempts to tackle misinformation. The platform is trialing a notes system through their existing ‘Birdwatch’ feature. This latest update allows existing Birdwatch users (trusted by Twitter to review tweets) to add notes to tweets they believe may include “fake news” or misinformation. Ordinary Twitter users can then rate these notes as “helpful” or “not helpful”. Birdwatch notes are currently on trial and thus only available to a select number of users. This is a huge step in the right direction in bringing the platform back to its roots. We’re certainly excited to see where the feature takes us as users! Find out more


Big news for community managers and customer service teams! At its F8 Developer conference on 2nd June, Facebook announced an expansion of its Messenger API for Instagram. This will enable businesses to feed their Instagram Direct messages into their existing CRM platform, streamlining the process of DM management. Hallelujah! Find out more here


Just when you think Facebook is done with the updates, the platform has launched a New Creator Studio layout this week! The new layout aligns the back-end page feature with Facebook’s updated Business Manager and user feeds.

Not confident with Facebook Creator Studio? Check out this handy guide from Hootsuite


Burger King has killed it on Twitter this week by creating a whole new profile dedicated to the restaurant’s iconic burger ‘The Whopper’. The personified menu item uses the profile to express its anger at being sidelined for the new ‘Ch’King’ burger. Check out their tweets here

Marketing Magic


Inspired by the reaction to their April Fools sausage roll vending machine announcement, Meatless Farm is installing real meat-free sausage roll vending machines across the UK this month. However, what they haven’t announced yet is where each of these vending machines will be… (we’re waiting, Meatless Farm!)

So what DO we know?

Those lucky enough to be around London’s Southbank on Saturday 5th June (National Sausage Roll Day, no less) will be able to grab a free hot or cold sausage roll from their vending machine any time from 11.30 am-7 pm. Be sure to grab us one, while you’re there!



Despite being postponed to 2021 due to (you guessed it) the pandemic, Euro’s officials decided to stick with the name ‘Euro 2020’ for this year’s tournament. The official statement is that the decision was made to “keep the vision of the competition alive”, but there is no doubt that much of it also comes down to money. The cost of a rebrand on all involved, not to mention the environment, would be enormous. As well as redesigning the logo and all digital promotional assets, just think about all the merchandise that will already have been printed! Needless to say, this is one marketing decision we’re entirely behind.

Find out what Euro officials have to say about the lack of rebrand here

Speaking of the Euros, have you seen Deliveroo’s latest campaign? A play on the patriotism of our football-mad nation, ‘England Til’ We Dine’ brings together the love of sport, country, and (of course) food in one mouth-watering campaign.
Check it out here

Ad Of The Week


This week’s ad of the week comes from everybody’s secret favourite cola brand…

Pepsi has taken another dig at Coca-Cola, this time playing with food packaging to demonstrate that their beverage goes best with your favourite burger.

Take a look at some of their ‘secret logos’ here

Meme of the week


One for the social media managers!


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