P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 27th November – 3rd December 2021


It’s Friday, which can only mean one thing. Yes, it’s time for another edition of Friday Finds – so buckle up and read on.

P1C News


As always, we’ve been hard at work with various campaigns and social content for all our clients, but this week we’ve had another pair of hands to help us out! Welcome to Dominic Beesley, who’s joined us as a Content Executive and will be working from our Windsor office.

Cyber Security Associates made the news this week when co-founder and technical director James Griffiths was featured in an article on, speaking about MI6’s need to work closely with more tech firms to combat cyber threats. And, if you’re in the middle of doing your Christmas shopping, then Cyber Security Associates may be able to help out, with some tips on staying safe online.

Our new client Boiler & Co was recently featured in Bar Magazine – you can read all about the upcoming launch, here. The Aldenham Foundation has announced the appointment of a new head – Alex Hems. She’s worked at some of the UK’s top schools, and is set to start at the Aldenham Foundation next year.

We’ll also be kicking off our social media work with our brand new client, Kintsugi, early next week – you can prepare yourselves, and find out more about what they do, by giving their Facebook and Instagram pages a follow.

Social Media News


Read on to discover what’s been happening in the world of social media this week.

  • Instagram has launched a new feature aimed at anyone who’s ever lost their temper with the app. If it’s not working properly, and it makes you want to shake your phone around, then go ahead! The new ‘Rage Shake’ feature activates a pop-up so you can report any bugs or problems getting on your nerves. It’s only available in the US at the moment, but we’ll be making full use of it once it lands here in the UK. Find out more here
  • Facebook has launched new shopping features, just in time for the run up to Christmas. One of the biggest is Shops in Groups, which does what it says on the tin – admins of Facebook groups can now set up their own online stores. The platform has also rolled out Live Shopping for creators, so their followers can buy directly from them, giving customers even more ways to shop for your products!
  • Instagram now lets users delete a single photo or video from a carousel. We’ve been able to post up to 10 images or clips in a post since 2017, but now, if there’s one you’re not keen on any more you can get rid of it – finally! If you accidentally uploaded a photo of you with your eyes closed, or there’s one showing something that’s just not relevant any more, then you can simply tap edit, swipe across to whatever you want to remove, and tap the delete icon.
  • Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO this week. He’s been with the company since the beginning, and posted the first ever tweet back in 2006. Stepping into Dorsey’s role will be Parag Agrawall, who up until a few days ago had been the company’s CTO. His appointment is a sign that Twitter is looking to innovate and adapt, as it looks to compete with upstarts like TikTok or Facebook’s metaverse, but we’ll have to wait and see what his next steps are.
  • Snapchat’s Snap Map is now even more interactive, after it launched its first two layers. With Memories, you can take a stroll down memory lane and see Snaps you’ve sent from particular places. Explore, meanwhile, lets you check out photos and videos from people around the world. Snapchat’s partners, including Ticketmaster, are hard at work at their own layers, which will make the Snap Map even more customisable. Users will soon be able to learn more about nearby venues on the map, while brands can sponsor and promote their listings. Find out more

Let It Snow

Apple recently unveiled their latest Christmas advert, ‘Saving Simon,’ and it’s sure to pull on the heartstrings. At first glance, the three-minute-long story of a girl spending all year trying to stop her snowman from melting might not have much to do with MacBooks or iPads, but the short film was filmed using an iPhone 13 Pro.

Making the advert even more special is the fact that it was made by the Academy Award-nominated directors (and father and son team) Ivan and Jason Reitman, working together for the first time. It’ll make you want to grab your phone and start shooting your own blockbuster – or just go outside and make a snowman.

You can watch the whole video here


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