P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 26th- 30th April 2021

Social Media


This week, Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update means iPhone users can now prevent advertisers from tracking them across their apps. As you can imagine, the new “app tracking transparency” setting was protested by Facebook and the advertising industry. The main concern was not being able to access unique user IDs needed to follow individuals across digital platforms should the user decline consent to track them. However, all is not lost! Advertising and marketing existed before the Facebook pixel, and they will exist after iOS 14.5 fully rolls out. Data privacy is here to stay, so it’s just a matter of adapting your strategy moving forward.


Social media app rivalry continues as Instagram takes on Clubhouse by introducing new options to mute and turn the video off while using Instagram Live. Instagram explains these new features will give hosts more flexibility during their livestream experiences, as they can decrease the pressure to look or sound a certain way while broadcasting live. While that may be true, it does look a lot like Instagram is trying to rip off yet another of Clubhouse’s audio-only features that are central to the app. The question is: how far can the copying go before every social platform becomes cookie cutters of each other?


Today, leading football clubs and players will be joined by several sporting bodies in a four-day boycott of social media platforms in a move to tackle abuse and discrimination. The sporting industry has faced an onslaught of racism and sexism against players and sportspeople. The show of solidarity against online abuse hopes to encourage social media companies to take a stronger stance against racist and sexist abuse on their platforms.


How to bring an internet meme to life? Invite anyone who shares your name to battle for the right to use it! Last April, Arizona student Josh Swain jokingly messaged dozens of people who shared his name and challenged them to a fight. It quickly went viral online, and a year later, hundreds of people named Josh arrived armed with pool noodles to take part in a friendly battle for the name. In the end, four-year-old Josh Vinson Jr, nicknamed Little Josh, was crowned the winner, taking home a Burger King crown, a champion’s belt and a small trophy for his win! Ah, the power of social media.

Ad Campaign


Plants, music and sandwiches. Not your typical recipe for an ad campaign, but it’s exactly what Subway did with their Plant-Based Beats campaign to champion their vegan options to a Gen Z audience. The brand worked with vegan grime artists, P Money and producers Star.One, to create a song that uses the sounds emitted by plants to celebrate Earth Day. Sounds were collected at an urban farm from plants used in Subway’s plant-based menu via PlantWave technology, which detects electrical variations through electrodes placed on the leaves. Just goes to show that you really can run with an idea that’s outside of the box.



Live music events have been sorely missed since the pandemic hit, but some lucky Liverpudlians are going to get a glimpse of pre-COVID life this bank holiday weekend! A music festival will take place at Sefton Park on 2nd May with a 5,000-strong crowd. The event is part of a series of trials looking at how to get crowds back safely to mass events. Masks and social distancing won’t be required, but attendees will need proof of a negative COVID test before entry. If all goes well, this could spell a summer of many more live events, and we cannot wait!

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