P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 25th September – 1st October


It’s the best damn part of your week – IT’S FRIDAY FRIGGIN FINDS TIME BABY!!!!

P1C News

This week, team P1C have fired through kick-off meetings, content strategies, PR send-outs, social media plans, TikTok videos, ad set-ups and website redesigns – and that’s just the beginning! Meanwhile, we’ve been gearing up for the City of Light festival, an exciting event due to be hosted by our client MKIAC next week. Find out more about the festival here!

We’re also still accepting candidates for our new copywriting role. If you’re interested, simply send in your CV to

Social Media News


A quick update for everything going on in the world of social media over the past 2 weeks:

  • Facebook has launched Reels across the US, opening up the short-form portrait video market to its typically older audience.
  • Instagram is testing the ability for users to select specific profiles that will be able to view their Stories. The option will be very similar to the existing ‘Close Friends’ option, but with the added bonus of being able to quickly and easily change who you share each story with.
  • Pinterest has provided a handy overview of key trends on the platform, alongside some examples of how brands are using its insights platform to improve their performance on the app.

This Is The Future

Citroën has launched a concept video that is quite frankly out of this world. In collaboration with Accor and JCDecaux, the French car giant has developed a product designed to completely revolutionise the way we travel. This is more than just autonomous transport, it is the future of travel. The craziest part? Citroën boss Vincent Cobée says it could be on the streets in just 5 years. See for yourself:

Design Of The Week


Budweiser paid tribute to their American roots this Labor Day through 10 limited-edition cans. The cans, which were redesigned to display the words ‘This Bud’s for You’, were also emblazoned with the names of 10 outstanding Americans. These individuals were nominated by their friends and family through the brand’s ‘Raise A Bud’ competition earlier this year.

Campaign Of The week


Embracing the common marketing term “the customer is king”, Marks & Spencer have responded to recent consumer research findings with their latest campaign. A revival of a campaign originally launched in 2006, ‘Look Behind The Label’ allows customers to delve deeper into the supply chain of the supermarket’s produce, demonstrating the company’s dedication to transparency and sustainability. This all stems from research that found that M&S customers felt overwhelmed by the climate crisis and weren’t sure where to look for the information they needed.

Ad Of The Week

Web Accessibility tool UserWay has caused quite a stir with its latest ad, which features the original voice of Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri! The ad sees Siri, a.k.a Susan Bennett, highlighting the importance of accessibility online. One thing is for certain, UserWay wouldn’t have had half the views they’ve had on the ad without the novelty of seeing Siri’s face for the first time… Watch the ad here:

Meme of the week




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