P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 25th February – 4th March 2022

Happy Friday! We’ve made it to the weekend – read on to find out what we’ve been up to at Plus 1 Communications.

P1C News


Our fearless leader and managing director, Karen Lane, celebrated her birthday last weekend, so, since it’s still her birthday week, happy birthday Karen!

Kintsugi released a brand new edition of their magazine this week. The energy issue is full of articles and tips on mindfulness and wellbeing, from useful apps to beauty products – you can read it here.

We’ve started working with a brand new client, Tough Love Advisors, a business consultancy and advisory company. We’ll be kicking off our social media work for them early next week, but until then you can check out their pages over on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok – and why not give them a follow while you’re there?

The restaurant and bar Boiler & Co has had some coverage online – you can check out the reviews on SquareMeal and The Nudge before you make your reservation.

Aventur have published a new blog in the run up to International Women’s Day (it’s on the 8th March) all about the barriers preventing women from investing, and what Aventur’s doing to change that. You can read the full blog here.

The Aldenham Education Group hosted a free webinar on Wednesday, for prospective parents of their new school in Riyadh. The session, hosted by Vicky Gocher (Aldenham Prep Riyadh’s founding headmistress), James Fowler (CEO of The Aldenham Foundation), and Alec Nejad (Managing Partner at the Aldenham Education Group), explored Aldenham’s unique approach to education and showcased the model that makes schooling at Aldenham so special.

Cyber Security Associates published a new blog this week, sharing emergency cyber hygiene advice for anyone looking to boost their cyber security defences – have a read of the blog here.

Social Media News


Read on to find out some of the biggest updates and new features from the world of social media networks.

  • LinkedIn will be adding new post analytics soon, which will give users more information and insight on everything from your overall activity to the performance of individual posts. The analytics will also give you insight into who’s looking at your content, as you can filter them by their location, their job title, and the industry they work in – allowing you to see if your posts are reaching the people they’re meant to reach.
  • Instagram has launched automated captions for all posts in your Instagram feed. This has been one of the most requested features for some time now, and makes Instagram more accessible than ever – the captions will be on by default for creators. This should maximise video viewership on Instagram, giving users the chance to watch more videos with the sound off. The captions will initially be available in 17 languages, with more set to launch soon.
  • Twitter might be looking to get into podcasts in the near future. It’s started testing a new podcasts tab in the sidebar, as well as at the bottom of the app. The move comes after Twitter bought the podcast app Breaker last year, and it could likely be a way for podcast creators to share direct links to their podcasts in the app. Twitter hasn’t announced what its plans are yet, but you can expect to hear about them soon.
  • TikTok has announced the roll-out of longer videos – all users will now be able to upload videos that are up to 10 minutes long. Last August, they extended the maximum video length to 5 minutes, but this move will give users more creative possibilities, as well as give TikTok a chance to compete with YouTube, by giving users more long-form content to watch.
  • Instagram is leaning into short-form videos, and simplifying the way users can watch videos on the app. It’s announced that it will be shutting down the separate IGTV app, with all videos available on the main app instead. It will also be removing in-stream video ads, and adding ads as stickers instead, which users will soon be able to add to their reels.

It’s not easy being green


The environmental activist group Greenpeace launched a new campaign this week to raise awareness of climate change. It teamed up with the video game Grand Theft Auto, with the help of their creative agency partner VMLY&R Brazil, to show players what the real-life effects of climate change would be on Los Santos, a virtual version of Los Angeles.

It’s one of the most famous online cities, and to try and hit home the urgency of the environmental crisis, Greenpeace launched a playable version of the map for people to explore, complete with flooded coastlines, dried-up rivers and air pollution. The game, ‘Los Santos +3ºC,’ was available online from the 22nd to the 25th of February. Players wore face masks in the game, and could take part in missions like delivering clean drinking water and rescuing climate refugees. It also linked to donation pages, where players could sign petitions calling on governments to call for a climate emergency.

You can find out more, and watch the trailer, here:

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