P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 25th December 2021 – 7th January 2022


Happy New Year! We hope you managed to unwind during the festive break and are feeling refreshed on the return to work. As a little welcome back gift, here’s our first instalment of Friday Finds for 2022!

P1C News


Having given ourselves a pat on the back after a whirlwind of a year, and put our feet up at Christmas, we’ve returned looking forward to what exciting prospects that 2022 will bring for our clients. Plus, to start the new year with a bang, we’ve welcomed talented Junior Designer, Megan Fenner, to the team. January is certainly looking great for P1C!

There’s lots to shout about for client updates this coming year. Campaigns are ramping for Kintsugi, ready for the release of a new product in early March. We’ve been working hard on spreading the news of FluidOne’s latest acquisition of SAS Global Communications, which’ll improve service offering for customers. Plus, January marks the official opening of the new Southwark venue, Boiler & Co, which opens its doors on 14th January with a special £1 coffee deal and exclusive tasting menu from Kerth Gumbs launching at the end of the month! What more could you ask for?!

Social Media News


It’s likely you might’ve missed the latest goings-on from the world of social media whilst getting all merry, but we’ve got your back. Here’s some updates you should know about:

  • Snapchat’s new update allows users to (finally) change their usernames. Music to our ears, having had to cope with painfully embarrassing usernames created at the peak of our school years. However, there is a catch, the update is only widely available in Australia. But, if you’re super desperate to make the change, there are ways to get around it. Fingers crossed it’ll be rolled out worldwide soon!
  • TikTok follows in Twitter’s footsteps as it tests a new ‘Repost’ button, located in the ‘Share’ menu. Though, unlike Twitter, the video will not appear on your TikTok profile, but on your pals ‘For You’ feed. The button is not yet available across the whole platform, but we look forward to the roll out that’ll create even more shared love and laughs with mates.
  • Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, announces further changes to the platform’s feed. With an expected early 2022 rollout, users will be able to choose and switch between three types of feed: Home, Favourites and Following. Though it sounds like the update will create a more personalised viewing experience, will it cause difficulties for brands and creator content trying to reach audiences? Spare a moment for all us social media managers crying inside trying to keep up with these changes…
  • Twitter tests new changes to create more engaging Tweets that are easier to compose. The ‘Tweet Take’ feature will allow users to react with an image or video, much like TikTok’s video replies. Plus, the Tweet composer bar has now been moved to the bottom of the feed for iOS users on mobile, rather than a plus icon in the corner, in the hope to make it easier to share content.
  • LinkedIn launched a test of audio rooms and new formats of events to meet the increased use of Live Event features on the app. The test will enable users to tune into, participate and engage with live discussions to better the wider group experience. A useful update for businesses hosting meetings and events for networking opportunities in this remote-working world.
  • Facebook adds new features to its creative studio. For video uploads, users will be able to create 20-second preview clips to upload to Facebook/Instagram stories, to drive views to the full content. And through page management, you’ll be able to access a timeline view of published posts to easily see how they appear in user feeds for further editing and customisation. Updates that improve UX get a thumbs up from us!

2022 Marketing Forecast


So, it’s a new year. What do you think 2022 will bring for the world of marketing?

With technologies, techniques and business goals ever-changing, it’s likely we’ll be jumping on the next new trend to better meet the needs of our clients this year. Thanks to the 2022 predictions for marketing industry trends from HubSpot, we’re able to get an early-look into what forms of content performed well in 2021, informing our marketing strategies and efforts for the coming year. Here’s a summary of HubSpot’s insights for suggestions on what to start working on in 2022:

Content Marketing

  • Video will continue to be a top content marketing format, with HubSpot research reporting that 76% of content marketers deem it as the most effective content marketing investment. As we spend a lot of our day scrolling, these compelling video campaigns become easily digestible forms of content, especially on social media, that help to develop the relationship between the brand and customer. So, including more video in our content strategies is an approach that we can all benefit from.
  • HubSpot research shows that consumers who read multiple blogs a week are likely to make a purchase from a brand after reading their blog, as 56% of marketers deem it an effective method of content. Now armed with the facts, this makes all the blood, sweat and tears (just kidding) that we pour into our blogging efforts for clients more worthwhile. Time well spent.

Social Media Marketing

  • Live video will continue to be an effective use of social media for brands for 59% of social media marketers. Today, consumers are increasingly looking for relatable and authentic content as it happens, so by introducing live video into our social strategies, we’re able to provide insight to our brand to develop relationships with consumers and increase ROI. Giving prospect customers visibility into your business is a key element for success.
  • As TikTok remains a top social platform for consumers and key tool for social media managers, 67% of marketers plan to increase their TikTok campaign spend in 2022. Good news for us millennial and generation-Z marketers who live and breathe TikTok in both our personal and work lives. It’s at the top for a reason – because it attracts and maintains our attention. So, if you’re keen to jump on a new trend this year, we suggest starting right here.

SEO Marketing

  • For SEO marketing, on-page optimisation is essential, with keyword optimisation a leading priority, as 55% of marketing professionals stated that they were trying to optimise content with search-driven keywords. But it’s not just the words that need attention, as of 59% of marketers who optimise video and images, 49% claim that it is their most effective SEO tactic. Plus, there’s no use in creating new content when the old just isn’t up to scratch – optimising old pages to drive new traffic will be a focus for 2022. By harvesting effective SEO strategies, we can achieve higher engagement rates on our content that’ll result in lead generation and increased ROI for organisations.

AI & Automation

  • A huge 70% of marketing professionals currently use automation methods, whilst 33% plan to implement it in 2022 for the first time. The most popular form of automation, Chatbots, will continue to streamline conversational marketing as 40% already use the technology to manage customer service and better user experiences. We’re all for embracing digital transformation to improve existing processes and better meet the needs of our clients, a topic of conversation that’ll certainly be on the rise for businesses this new year.

Privacy Marketing

  • Brands will need to give customers more control over how their data is used. How? By developing alternative strategies and pivot plans just in case access to crucial data points are lost – which they can do by ensuring GDPR policies are adhered to. Because when private information is misused or placed in the wrong hands, the impact on a business is disastrous and hard to come back from, as it creates distrust and exploitation of loyal customers. So, get your privacy policies in hand, fast!

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