P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 23rd – 30th September 2022

Can you believe that summer is already over?! Before you embark on any weekend plans, have a quick read of the latest client news and social media updates from the P1C team.

P1C News


The countdown has begun for the Dubai Muscle Show, Dubai Active Show and Dubai Active Industry, which is being hosted at Dubai World Trade Centre 28-30 October. With just a month ago, there’s still a chance to purchase tickets here. 

The P1C portfolio grows ever more with the addition of wellness influencer, Tanya Mansotra. The team has been busy creating social media posts as well as drafting blogs for the website, which will be launched very soon!

The inaugural school term is in full swing at Aldenham Prep Riyadh, and the P1C team has been getting stuck into all things social media and blog writing. Speaking of which, you can have a read here of the latest blogs exploring Aldenham’s all-round approach to learning and the celebration of the 92nd National Saudi Day. 

In other news, the social and design team have been developing fresh brand guidelines for CarFest, The London Classic Car Show and The Classic Garden Party. For the latter two, the team has created new logos and brand identities, which will be launched on its social media platforms next week. 

Final preparations are being made for Hard Rock Cafe’s Pinktober campaign, which is launching in October. With lots of events to attend throughout the month, this is a great opportunity to support an important cause. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on socials for a special guest announcement!

Social Media News


And now, time for the latest in social media updates and features so you can make the most of the platforms:

  • Instagram will no longer cut stories less than 60 seconds into segments as it continues the process of merging its video products into one. It will now create a more seamless viewing experience for users on the app.
  • Meta is trialling a new feature that will enable users to restrict access to their posts to subscribers only for an initial period of time after publishing. This could be a useful tool for creators as it’ll encourage them to use the app more for posting and in collating a following.
  • WhatsApp is launching its Call Link feature in a bid to make group calls easier for users. As the name suggests, URLs can be created and shared, making it simpler to join audio and video calls. This could be a great way to enhance community connection and, particularly for brands, form a better way to engage with influencers and followers.
  • Twitter is testing a new tool that will boost brand communities on the app. As part of its Professional Profile feature that is now available to all users, the new option will allow creators to interact with tailored communities and topic-aligned discussions. This in turn will enhance the experience creators have by creating a following of like-minded users.

#FindYourVoice Against Harassment


In an effort to reduce harassment against women, The Gloucestershire Police has launched its #FindYourVoice campaign encouraging men to speak out. Presented in a series of adverts that will be showcased across multiple platforms including Sky TV, Spotify, radio and social media, the campaign aims to shed light on the consequential nature of staying silent at times where speaking out is crucial. 

The advert shows a man without a mouth as he navigates his day to day life. From his journey to the office, to after-work drinks with friends, he witnesses incidents where women are subjected to harassment. Without a mouth, he finds himself unable to speak out. It’s not until the end where he finds his voice, and calls out his friends for their unwarranted behaviour. 

Whilst this campaign isn’t suggesting that all men are perpetrators of harassment, what it does indicate is the widespread phenomenon dubbed the ‘Bystander Effect’. This illustrates how people are less likely to intervene if others are present, assuming someone else will step in. But the more we embody that attitude, the more we unwittingly normalise harassment and other toxic behaviours. 

Harassment against women unfortunately won’t be eradicated overnight, but this advert attempts to change behaviours and mindsets. Simple acts such as stepping in to help a woman on the street, or speaking out against unacceptable behaviour in the workplace can go a long way in breaking this vicious cycle. It’s these seemingly harmless behaviours that can lead onto far more sinister, and often violent acts.

Watch the #FindYourVoice campaign here:

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