P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 22nd-28th May 2021

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It has been all hands on deck this week as our design team fired through a mountain of animation, video, and web design work! Meanwhile, ‘Head of Happiness’ Alice has been organising a face-to-face day for the UK team next Friday. We are looking forward to having a much-needed team catch up over a beer or two (once the work is finished, of course!)

Social Media


Alongside launching a desktop feed posting capability, Instagram has finally launched a setting that allows users to hide the like count on their posts. The platform has been testing different facets of like hiding for over two years, so the only surprise here is that it has taken so long to reach us.

The option is also available for Facebook users but will work slightly differently. Find out more about the setting on both platforms here:


LinkedIn has announced a new post boosting option for advertisers. Much like the option on Facebook, this update will allow brands to promote their organic posts to increase reach within their chosen target audience. This could be big for LinkedIn and paid social media experts alike, as it will provide a less expensive and less time-consuming option that could open the doors to brands who are currently priced out of advertising on the platform. Find out more


Twitter has been all over it this week, with three exciting updates! Here’s the low-down on this week’s Twitter news…

  1. The platform has announced a ‘super followers’ count on creator profiles, which will allow users to view the number of accounts paying for exclusive content and additional engagement options with their favourite creators. As is the case for the option to ‘super follow’ in the first place, this will only be available for select creator accounts, including celebrities, journalists, and not-for-profit organisations. Find out more here
  2. Twitter will also be adding an expandable ‘about’ section to all profiles, allowing users to highlight their pronouns, location, and birthday amongst other information. Twitter officials have suggested that this may also expand to include a more detailed bio. Read more about the new feature here
  3. A fun “first like” activity piqued the interest of Twitter users earlier this week, creating a fun animation that would appear when someone is the first to like a tweet. Our theory is that this is an effort to encourage more engagement on the platform. Regardless, with 87k likes, 10k retweets, and 5k replies so far, it certainly seems to have gained some traction! Read more here


Instagram and GUAP magazine have teamed up to provide a list of “ones to watch” on Instagram Reels in the UK. Instagram’s ‘21 Under 21’ gives a platform to the young creators driving the platform forward via Instagram Reels. The list features at least one representative from each of five, youth-led subcultures: music, sport, art, fashion, and makeup. Check out the full list here



A report on gaming performed by The Drum has revealed that those aged 55-64 comprise the industry’s fastest-growing demographic. Regardless of whether or not you’re in the gaming space, there’s a lesson for all industries here: don’t rule out any demographic. Our recommendation? Make the most of data and qualitative research to develop your key target audience, but never rule out an audience segment altogether. You never know when shifting your attention to a new audience could provide an opportunity for growth!

Read more about the research, and the demographic shift in the gaming industry, here



Could Virtual OOH be the future of advertising? It’s quite possible. As “ad breaks” become shorter, skippable, or even non-existent, consumers are far less tolerant of brands interrupting their entertainment experiences. Seamlessly integrated “Virtual OOH” (also known as “Out Of World”) ads may well be the logical alternative. The ability for brands to maintain their place in our minds without being seen as a nuisance will certainly tempt advertisers industry-wide.

Find out more about this new medium, and the brands already making the most of it, here



Lego has hit the headlines this week with an LGBTQIA+ set of lego figurines titled ”Everyone Is Awesome”. Inclusive in colours, genders, and hairstyles, these figurines are simple but extremely effective in expressing the brand’s attitude to diversity. As firm advocates of inclusion and representation, the P1C team are super excited for this launch… we might even have to grab a set for the office!

Order here from 1st June

Ad Campaign


This week’s favourite ad may have launched last week, but it’s still very much in the spotlight, and we can see why! Venus’ newest digital ad pays homage to the humble pube… yes, we said pube.

Give it a watch

Meme of the week


This one’s got us right in the feels this week…


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