P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 22nd – 26th February 2021

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This week we joined the rest of the country in celebrating the upcoming end to lockdown measures on the 21st of June. We can’t wait to get the P1C team back together again for a cold drink in a sunny beer garden, but the memes will keep us going in the meantime…

Social Media


Disabled influencers make their mark on social media thanks to dedicated agencies like Purple Goat, which is on a mission to create a fully inclusive world. Purple Goat was founded at the beginning of lockdown by Martyn Sibley, who was born with SMA, and has worked with more than 75 influencers so far! Here’s to seeing more diversity on our feeds.


LinkedIn has added some new tools to help brands boost their organic promotion efforts on the platform. The addition of ‘Content Suggestions’ listings enables businesses to share relevant posts that can increase their engagement. New analytics features allow brands to measure the reach and impact of their employee advocacy program. We’re looking forward to seeing if these changes do affect engagement.


Space fanatics can follow along with Nasa’s Perseverance rover following its landing on Mars last week. The rover is live-tweeting its progress from the red planet and engaging its followers with witty posts. Whoever is running the social account is doing a stellar job!

Ad Campaign


Cadbury decided to feature a gay couple sharing a gooey Creme Egg in it’s latest campaign to reach a more diverse audience by truly reflecting society. Despite plenty of praise, the ad has also sparked 25,000 people to sign a petition for it to be banned. Cadbury is standing by the ad and has the support of the Advertising Standards Authority to boot. Change may be slow, but it is inching forwards. Kudos to Cadbury!



To help its customers extend their product life, IKEA has launched disassembly instructions as part of its commitment to sustainability. By 2030, the brand plans to embed each of its products with the potential to repurpose, repair, reuse, resell or recycle. The disassembly instructions are the first step to encourage customers to extend product life by reusing or reselling without damaging the product due to incorrectly taking it apart. Nice move! Now, where’s our screwdriver?

Tip Of The Week


Last year, the average email open rate was just 18% – so how can you make your newsletters more appealing to subscribers? It’s all in the subject line. Keep the tone on brand, with enough hints on the content to pique interest and encourage people to open the email. Sticking to a consistent format will also make your newsletters easier to spot in people’s inboxes and more likely to click.

Meme of the week



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