P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 20th – 26th November 2021


Roll up roll up, it’s your favourite day of the week. Friday Finds is here!

P1C News

Once again, we’ve been tapping away creating content for our amazing clients, there’s a lot to talk about this week! (Run up to Christmas and all).

The team attended exciting shoots for Hard Rock Cafe’s upcoming festive campaigns, including some great TikTok content. Show them some love here, we promise you won’t regret it!

Press releases were issued for two exciting clients: Boiler & Co to celebrate the opening of its brand-new London cocktail and gastro bar in January, and Aldenham Foundation who’ve appointed a new Head for their schools. Exciting times!

Versio showed off the shiny new signage in its office, designed by our talented team – check them out here. CarFest’s ticket presale closed on Monday with soaring sales! Missed out on grabbing your ticket? Don’t panic as they’ll be back on sale come spring. Phew!

Social Media News

Stay up-to-date on all the latest news across social media platforms this week. Here’s your update!

  • Instagram has rolled out a new ‘Add Yours’ sticker for Stories, where users can share content for their followers to respond to. A great way of increasing organic engagement, plus driving brand awareness as the creator’s name appears on the sticker each time it is shared! Find out how to use it here:
  • Twitter made updates to it’s iOS app and desktop site to stop Tweets from disappearing mid-read. Previously, feeds would refresh automatically as new Tweets came in, which as you can imagine, was very frustrating! Those witty responses we expended real brain-power on will no longer be lost…
  • Instagram has launched live testing of 60-second videos in Stories for a small group of users, saving video content from being split into 15-second clips across Stories (phew, less clicking!). Great for brands focusing on their video content strategy, with users less likely to drop off half-way through.
  • Facebook and Instagram owners, Meta, have delayed encryption on messages to 2023, following warnings to better shield children from online abusers. The firm wants to ensure it gets it right, hence the late global roll-out. First we had WhatsApp, now the rest of Zuckerberg’s empire is set to follow suit. An update that we’ll all welcome.
  • Snapchat introduced the ‘Food Scan’ feature which allows users to snap a picture of an ingredient and in return will generate tonnes of recipe ideas, in partnership with Good news for All Recipes which will see a huge spike in engagement as a result! We just have to try this out ourselves… *starts scanning the whole fridge*
  • TikTok launches it’s first Black Friday shopping event in the UK, running from 22nd – 30th November, featuring live offers, giveaways and events hosted by big-name brands and creators. Find out more about how to bag a discount here:
  • YouTube has added a new option in YouTube Studio allowing creators to re-use details from previous uploads to streamline the posting process on desktop. For what is usually a very time consuming task, it’s now SO much quicker. Video creators rejoice – thanks YouTube!

Black Friday Goes Green!

Furniture giant IKEA has put its own twist on Black Friday with the launch of a brand new Green Friday initiative. The #BuybackFriday campaign allows customers to exchange their old IKEA furniture for a refund voucher in which to purchase brand new items. Encouraging customers to recycle, reduce and reuse, the Swedish firm highlights its important contribution to creating a more sustainable Black Friday.

#SaveMoreThanMoney, see our impact on the planet:

So what’s the problem with the Black Friday we’re all used to, you ask. Well, many things! I think we can all agree that shopping for Black Friday deals (especially in-store) can become quite a stressful and chaotic experience – there’s just so much going on at once with our attention darting left right and centre. Brands battle it out for our attention, so who do we possibly pick first?!

Plus, there are lots of issues we haven’t even considered. Have you heard about digital air pollution? According to Greenr, an email emits around 10g of CO2e per year, which equates to the same as leaving a low-energy light bulb on for 3 hours, which is also the same as the carbon footprint of a plastic bag. Crazy, right? Something to consider next time we start planning flashy email marketing campaigns… So, in future, let’s make sure each and every email has its purpose, shows clear messaging and we’re not just sending for the sake of it!

Another one for us all to process: fashion production contributes to 10% of total global carbon emissions and washing clothes generates the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles in waste, states Business Insider. It’s shocking, right? But for popular fast fashion brands, Black Friday is an absolute sales haven, with the negative impacts it has on the environment often forgotten.

So, here’s some ways we can all do good for the planet this Black Friday, and all year round:

  • Shop local – Choose your local independent store over popular high street chains. This’ll boost your local economy, reduce pollution from transportation, create less packaging as products don’t have as far to travel, and reduce carbon emissions if you’re able to pop into town without driving.
  • Explore charity shops – Swap your old bits and bobs for some preloved bargains. An easy way to avoid fast fashion, plus you really can find some amazing hidden gems at cheaper prices if you look hard enough! All with the added benefit of your money going to important causes. It’s a win-win!
  • Consider packaging and recycling – Many shops are now considering reducing the amount of packaging on their products, but we still have a long way to go. This is where we’ll need to consider recycling, reducing and reusing package waste. Not sure what can or can’t be recycled? Find out what to do with unwanted items here.

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