P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 1st-7th May 2021

P1C News

This week we introduced a brand new member to team P1C – Kirsty Batten! A marketing whizz with a love of writing and a knack for nailing a brand’s tone of voice, Kirsty has joined Plus 1 Communications as Marketing Manager based in our Windsor office (although currently at home!). We hope you’ll all join us in welcoming Kirsty to the team.

Social Media


Instagram has published the first edition of its new ‘Instagram Insider’ digital magazine, which aims to highlight key trends and influential creators on the platform.

The 9-page magazine, available to download as a PDF, includes overviews of rising trends with example images, and links to top creators to follow.


Big news on social this week, as Twitter has F I N A L L Y fixed it’s cropped photo issue!

When posting images, Twitter users have previously been forced to post in landscape, or watch as their portrait image is cropped to within an inch of its life…

Now that Twitter is no longer forcing users to post horizontal images, pretty much every piece of content posted on the channel will likely be posted in portrait. Could this be the final nail in the coffin for horizontal images?


The best part about voting? The dogs.

The Dogs Trust annual social media trend is back with #DogsAtPollingStations trending across the UK once again on Thursday:


Ryanair had us all in fits of giggles once again with another of their classic pop-culture references. A cheeky sales pitch + a sly dig at a well known celebrity = Twitter gold.

Ad Campaign


As some of you may know, European football has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks. The announcement of a ‘European Super League’, which would essentially rake in billions for club owners and provide absolutely nothing for the fans or players, caused quite a stir. It wasn’t long before the outcry from fans, players and the media led all six English clubs involved in the league to step down, causing the league to fold.

The Football Association has fought to bring the sport back to its roots here in England, resulting in the launch of a new brand. ‘England Football’ aims to inspire grassroots participation, bringing together people at all levels and areas of the game in one representative brand.

The perfectly-timed launch ad pulls in a range of personalities from mens, womens, and childrens football, as well as from international to grassroots. It is a classic feel-good sports ad, and one we’re happy to watch again and again and again…

The Small Screen


The reaction to the Line of Duty season finale might not have been quite as extreme as the public outcry we experienced when the Game of Thrones finale aired in May 2019, but it wasn’t far off…

Thankfully, Twitter pulled through (as always) in making it all a little more entertaining for us!

Tip of the week


A brand without consistency is like a bike without wheels – it just won’t work! In order to maintain brand awareness and develop a presence, your brand must be consistent in the use of logos, fonts, colours, and tone of voice across all platforms.

Meme of the week



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