P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 19th – 25th June 2021

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What’s going on at P1C this week? Well, the easier question to answer would be what ISN’T going on! As the Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival and its sister festivals in Birmingham and Manchester continue at full speed, we’ve also been working hard in the lead-up to this weekend’s London Classic Car Show , alongside a website launch AND a few new branding projects!

So what’s going on elsewhere in the comms universe…

Politics and Social Media


Two of Ireland’s most high-profile female political figures have joined forces to campaign against the social media abuse of women in the public eye.

Arlene Foster’s departure as First Minister resulted in her special adviser, Emma Little-Pengelly, also stepping away from political life. However, Mrs Foster said she will continue to campaign against social media trolling and harassment of women in the public eye, with the support of Little-Pengelly. The previous First Minister feels that women are “put off” from a career in politics by the abuse women in the public eye receive on a regular basis.

Far from “a part of the job” as it is so often phrased, social media abuse is entirely unacceptable and it is time we started acting like it. At P1C, we feel strongly that this kind of misuse gives social media a bad name. Social media can be a magical, entertaining, and educational place to spend time, and it needn’t be a negative space.

How can you help? If you see abuse, bullying, or harassment taking place on social media, take action. This doesn’t mean you have to involve yourself in the conversation and put yourself at risk. Simply report the user as well as their comment or post to ensure your report is noticed as quickly as possible.

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Social Media News


Two big stories for Instagram this week, as the platform announces both organic and paid updates.

Firstly, you can expect to start seeing more ‘suggested’ content in your Instagram feed. In an attempt to achieve a similar endless-vortex-feed to that of TikTok (i.e. one that takes you from ‘just a quick look’ to ‘I have lost two hours of my life’ in what feels like seconds), the platform will begin displaying more content that is relevant to your favourite topics, even if it was posted by users you are not following.

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Secondly, the platform is rolling out Instagram reels ads worldwide, with brands and creators now able to launch paid advertisements through the app’s TikTok rival. It is far too early to tell how effective these ads will be in terms of ROI for brands, but one thing is for certain, Instagram will be pushing reels ads HARD as it continues to focus its efforts on its latest feature.

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If you’ve been on Twitter for a little while, you can probably count at least one time you were mentioned by a user that you’d rather not have been mentioned by… whether it was a spammer, former friend or colleague, or just an innocent incorrect tag.

Well those days may be *almost* over. In line with its relatively recent feature that allows you to control who can reply to your tweets, Twitter is also experimenting with new controls over who can mention you on the platform, which could help people avoid unwanted attention, and limit negative experiences in the app.

Read more about the new feature here

Cannes Update


An update from Cannes now, and we were as excited as ever to see how our favourite brands got on this year!

A big win for women’s health brand Essity this year, who have brought home Grand Prix wins for two of their campaigns, #WombStories and #WomenPainStories.

Watch the #WombStories ad here
Read the rest of the winners so far

Ad News


The ad industry is urging the government to reconsider its decision to ban advertising for HFSS (high fat, sugar and salt) products online and on TV prior to 9pm, which is expected to cost broadcasters more than £200m a year in revenue.
The move has been made in an attempt to reduce obesity and inactivity, particularly in children and young adults.

This is certainly a story with significant impact for food and drinks marketers across the UK, who will be looking to shift their marketing budgets, audience targeting, and media spends entirely before the ban comes into effect in 2023. If you need help making the right decisions for your brand, we can help. Just get in touch.

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Amazon has been crowned the world’s most valuable brand for the third year in a row, according to the Kantar BrandZ 2021 Top 100 ranking.

The success of the ecommerce giant comes amid a record year of growth for brands on the ranking. Overall, the top 100 brands grew four and a half times higher than in a typical year and collectively are now worth £5 trillion, more than the GDPs of France and Germany combined.

We wonder whether the pandemic and boredom shopping might have had anything to do with this…
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Ad Of The Week


Unilever’s health and beauty brand Degree (that’s ‘Sure’ to us Brits) has launched an incredible new deodorant specifically designed to be used by people living with disabilities. A huge leap forward for inclusivity and accessibility, the concept has won Wunderman Thompson and the Degree team a Grand Prix for Innovation at the Cannes Lions Festival!

This product might be US-only right now, but something we are sure will be rolled out (geddit?!) globally really soon.

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