P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 19th – 25th February 2022

Happy Friday! Read on to discover what we’ve been up to this week with the latest edition of our weekly blog, Friday Finds.

P1C News


After spending most of the weekend hiding away from all the storms, it was business as usual once we got back to work on Monday, working on everything from blogs to TikToks for our clients.

If you’re in the UAE, you might already know about this, but tomorrow see the first Tough Mudder Arabia event of the year, as the obstacle course comes to Umm Al Quwain’s Mangrove Beach on Saturday the 26th of February. Spartan Trail Arabia is also kicking off in Umm Al Quwain this weekend, on Sunday the 27th of February – it’s set to be the biggest sporting event to ever be held in the emirate.

Hard Rock Cafe launched their new menu this week, which sees the return of favourite classic dishes and some new exciting meals. We headed over to Hard Rock Oxford Street for a photoshoot on Monday of the new menu – keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram pages to see the new photos.

The new and improved website for Skin Medical is now up and running – you can visit it, and check out all our hard work, here.

Far East Consortium announced a brand new development, Ensign House, last week, and the marketing suite for another of their developments, Aspen at Consort Place, is set to open soon.

Trigg Digital welcomed the Salesforce Enterprise Retail team to their offices this week, and also hosted Flow Fest, a 50-minute hack-a-thon style competition – you can find out more about what they got up to on their LinkedIn page, or over on Facebook.

The restaurant and bar Boiler and Co. launched their a la carte menu this Thursday, with dishes including oxtail croquettes and truffle linguine – take a look at the menu here. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available from Wednesday to Saturday.

Social Media News


Keep on reading to find out some of the biggest updates and new features in the world of social media

  • Snapchat has finally made a long-awaited update – users are now able to update their username on the app. If you picked a name for yourself that was hilarious when you were 13 but now just makes you cringe whenever you see it, you can now change it without affecting anything like your friends list or Snapcode. The only conditions are that you can’t pick a name that’s already been used, and you can only change it once a year.
  • Twitter now gives you the option to pin DM chats. You can pin six chats to the top of your inbox, even if you start other chats. Now you can easily keep in touch with people instead of scrolling through your inbox searching for them. The feature could also be useful for brands dealing with customer queries on Twitter, with a way to separate urgent or important chats from the rest of your messages.
  • Reddit has added new options for those uploading images on the iOS app. Users can now crop or rotate images before posting, or add text, stickers, or drawings to them just like in Instagram Stories. They’re also adding filters and AR lenses similar to the ones on Snapchat. The features will be available on iOS soon, and they’ll be coming to Android in the near future, so keep an eye out for them.
  • LinkedIn is getting into the podcasting game with the launch of its new LinkedIn Podcast Network. Users will be able to listen to a range of shows on business and technology trends and news, from established creators and journalists as well as the team at LinkedIn. The podcasts will be available on LinkedIn, by following the hosts and subscribing to their newsletter, or you can find them on podcast providers like Spotify and Pocket Casts.
  • Facebook has rolled out Reels on the platform, with a display right at the top of users’ feeds. Facebook Reels had already been available in the US, but they’re now in 150 more countries. It will get a lot more people watching the short-form videos, and Facebook’s also adding more creative features, giving users the ability to remix Reels, post 60-second long videos, and share other people’s Reels in their own Stories.

Get a pizza the action


The restaurant chain Pizza Express have undergone a bit of a rebrand, with a new ad campaign voiced by the comedian and Peep Show star David Mitchell. The company looks to be taking things in a new direction – as well as a new look, and new dishes like pizza wraps, Pizza Express has also launched a its own loyalty scheme.

Anyone can join the Pizza Express Club and earn points and rewards every time you eat at the restaurant – you even get free dough balls just for signing up. The bright and colourful advert is Pizza Express’ first one in over a decade, and features a mixture of pizza-loving misfits, to show that anyone will be rewarded, whoever they are or regardless of why they’re visiting the restaurant.

You can watch the ad here, but be warned – you’ll want a slice or two of pizza by the end of it: 

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