P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 15th – 18th February 2022

Happy Friday! You might already be looking forward to the weekend, but for now you can make yourself comfortable and find out what we’ve been up to this week, with the latest edition of Friday Finds.

P1C News


It’s been a big week for us, because we’ve been back in the office this week, seeing colleagues in person after not seeing them since last year, and meeting some for the very first time. We got some work done too, of course.

Dave Woodfine, the Co-founder and Managing Director of Cyber Security Associates, had an article published in TechRadar Pro, all about the recent update to Cyber Essentials – you can read what he has to say right here. There’s also a new blog up on the Cyber Security Associates website, about the risks of remote working.

Another of our clients, Aldenham Education Group, announced the appointment of a founding head at Aldenham Prep Riyadh, the first owner-operated and integrated branch of an independent UK school in Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday, Far East Consortium announced that their plans for a new development in Canary Wharf had been approved. Ensign House, their second project in the area, will include 500 homes and is set to be completed in 2024 – you can check out their LinkedIn to find out more about the news.

On Instagram, we’ve kicked off a new campaign for Downtown Design in Dubai, encouraging people to apply to exhibit their products at this year’s event. You can check out our work on the event’s Instagram page, or even register for the next event if you want.

The restaurant and cocktail bar Boiler & Co. hosted their first big event last Monday, for Valentine’s Day. There was a special offer for couples looking to try out the seven-course tasting menu, and diners got to enjoy live music all night long.

Social Media News


Keep reading to discover some of this week’s biggest news stories and updates from the world of social media.

  • Instagram has added Stories likes, giving people the ability to like and Stories posts that you see on the app. At the bottom of the Story feed, users will see a heart icon, which they can tap to send the creator a like rather than filling their inbox with DMs. The likes are private and will only be seen by the creator, who’ll be able to see how many likes they have in their Story insights.
  • Twitter is making ‘Safety Mode’ available to more users after four months of testing. The feature gives users more defence against abuse on the app, and is being rolled out for more tests in English-speaking countries including the UK, Canada, and New Zealand. Safety Mode automatically blocks any accounts that are sending the user any insults or hateful remarks, for seven days. Twitter hasn’t yet revealed when the feature will be publicly available.
  • Snapchat has added a new feature to its Maps section. The feature, which was created in partnership with the listings site Ticketmaster, will show all the nearby events that are listed on the website. Users will be able to swipe through them, share any interesting events with their friends, and even buy tickets without leaving Snapchat. The feature is currently only available in 20 countries around the world.
  • YouTube is focusing more on Shorts, its competitor to other short-form videos like TikTok. Shorts have been made more prominent on YouTube’s desktop website, with a separate section designed to drive more users towards them. Since launching in 2020, YouTube’s reported that in total, the Shorts clips have been watched over 5 trillion times.
  • Twitter’s created new labels that developers can add to automated accounts, to let users know if they’re following a bot. In an effort to make Twitter more transparent, it’s showcasing what it calls ‘Good Bots’ as opposed to the more negative kind that can be used to spread fake news and misinformation. The ‘Good Bot’ accounts, which can tweet out everything from COVID-19 updates to cat facts, can now have a robot icon and an ‘automated’ tag under their profile name.

Say cheese


Have you ever sat around a table at a restaurant with friends and family, and struggled to get the perfect photo of everyone? If you visit a Hilton hotel in the future, then those struggles are a thing of the past, thanks to the new ‘Waitographer’ scheme. As part of the scheme, staff were trained in smartphone photography in a workshop led by expert photographer Roger Moukarzel. After the training, staff receive a certificate and a badge, so guests will know who to ask to help capture that special moment.

Now guests won’t have to worry about asking someone to take a photo and then ending up with something blurry or too dark. The Waitographer scheme isn’t just a way of upskilling Hilton employees, but helps create memories for guests – as well as high-quality photos that they can share on social media. The campaign started out in the UAE, where there are already 100 Waitographers. It’s already been rolled out to other countries, and the workshop will be available to all Hilton employees around the world. You can find out more about it here:

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