P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 14th – 27th May 2022

Can you believe it’s Friday already? We have lots to share this week, so before you head off for any weekend plans, have a quick read of the latest news from P1C and beyond.

P1C News


As we welcome more people into the P1C team, we have also said goodbye to others. After seven amazing years of being a valuable team member, our senior designer Sara is saying farewell as she moves onto her next chapter. We are so thankful for all her hard work, incredible designs and strong leadership over the years and she will be missed. The whole P1C team wishes her the best of luck for the future.

Last Wednesday, FEC opened its doors for the first time to Aspen’s Sales Gallery and two show apartments for an exclusive VIP event. It was a great opportunity for guests to have a glimpse inside the fabulously designed apartments, which are set for completion in summer 2024. The Sales Gallery is now open to the public – book your appointment here.

Art in the Park festival returned with a bang after a two year hiatus on the weekend of the 14th and 15th May. Hosted by Milton Keynes Islamic Arts Council (MKIAC), which this year celebrates 20 years of charity and community work, the event attracted 12,000 people across the weekend – which is a huge success! 

FluidOne recently made the strategic move to invest in Marathon, a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Services Management. The decision is set to broaden both FluidOne and Marathon’s ambitions for the future. You can read more about this investment in the press release here.

In other news, Kintsugi Space invited a few special guests to its Abu Dhabi headquarters to celebrate the launch of Carine Gilson’s new Haute Couture Lingerie Collection. During the event, guests enjoyed a selection of soothing teas and nutritious food, as well as indulging in some live music.

Social Media News


Here is a roundup of the latest social media updates and news to keep you in the loop…

  • Twitter is working towards stopping and limiting duplicate tweets in an effort to combat spam. In a recent post, Twitter declared its new Copypasta and Duplicate Content policy, which clarifies what “constitutes a violation along with what happens when it’s violated”. Users will also be able to report tweets that are deemed spammy.
  • Snapchat is developing a new parental feature dubbed the ‘Family Centre’, which will allow parents to access who their children are interacting with on the app. The CEO of Snapchat hopes this new feature will give parents more visibility and in turn ease any worries they may have.
  • Reddit’s app Apollo has undergone a new set of changes, including the ability to find the most relevant posts for users and sending notifications when they appear. The previous version of the app lacked this, which caused frustration for users. To learn about all the other features included in this update, click this link:
  • TikTok is launching a set of new online safety tips ahead of Internet Awareness Month in June. From smart surfing to advice on avoiding phishing, TikTok is making an effort to promote initiatives to keep their users safe. And given that 24% of its users are aged under 25, it’s important to highlight the possible dangers and how to stay protected against them.

Raise a Glass for Better Mental Health


In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, 10,000 beer mats have been distributed across 14 Cumbrian pubs in a bid to get punters to speak out about their struggles. Led by Mental Health Monster CIC and sponsored by MW Scaffolding and LEB Construction, the campaign is running from mid May until mid June.

Raising awareness one beer at a time, the coasters are embellished with messages such as ‘don’t bottle it up’ and ‘reach out to help out’ as well as QR codes that anonymously direct people to organisations and helplines. In a society where men are often stigmatised and silenced for their struggles, this is a subtle yet impactful way to get people speaking.  

Speaking about the campaign, Kevin Roberts of MW Scaffolding said “we’re excited to be on board with this project. We know the effect that poor mental health can have on the people in our industries and we’re grateful for the chance to share the message that help is out there.”

This is an incredibly important campaign as over 55% of men in the construction and labour industry suffer or will suffer from a mental health condition in their lifetimes. In fact, suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 – yet the stigma continues to prevail amongst this demographic. 

And often the only way to destigmatize this is by bringing the help to them – and that’s what makes this an effective campaign. It’s a gentle, yet powerful reminder to those in the community who are struggling that they’re not alone. All you need to do is reach out.

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