P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 13th – 20th August 2021

Welcome to another edition of our weekly round-up! This week’s Friday Finds is pretty jam-packed, so grab yourself a cuppa (or something stronger) and dive in…

P1C News

If we said “it’s been another busy week here at P1C” would you believe us? Seriously, we know we say this all the time, but we’re a busy team! With one of our long-standing team members on a well-deserved break this week (we’re looking at you, James!) It has been all hands on deck to keep the P1C train running smoothly. AND we’re delighted to say that it has been a very successful week!

Social Media News


Twitter is staying true to its promise to tackle misinformation on the platform with a new manual reporting option. The new option, which is already available to some users and should be rolled out more widely very soon, adds an additional ‘It’s misleading’ option to the existing list of reasons to report a tweet. Could this mean no more fake news?!

It is great to see the social media platform sticking to their word. Go, Twitter!


Looks like Twitter has been pretty busy this week, as it has also begun testing a “Leave This Conversation’ option in Twitter threads to help people avoid negative discussions. The proposed feature would enable users to untag themselves from a discussion, keeping them from being mentioned again and ensuring the user does not receive any further notifications from the thread.

We hope this one comes into fruition, as we think it’s a great way to help combat bullying and harassment on the platform.


Snapchat has launched a new market research tool labelled ‘Snapchat Trends’ (original name guys, really, it’s nothing like ‘Google Trends’ at all…)

In the words of the Snapchat gods themselves: “Snapchat Trends highlights the most popular keywords shared with the Snapchat community via public Stories and My Stories that have been viewed by a large group, in addition to a searchable database of terms.”

We reckon this could come in pretty handy for marketers with a key audience in Snapchat’s demographic range… what do you think?

These Customers Ain’t Loyal


OK, so that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Chris Brown’s 2014 hit, but you get the point…

According to The Drum, new research into loyalty schemes has found that 90% of customers have negative perceptions of today’s loyalty schemes AND over half of open loyalty accounts are currently inactive.

What can we learn from this? Well, team P1C reckon that we as marketers need to do more to provide exactly what our customers want when it comes to loyalty. It’s not just about throwing random rewards at them anymore and hoping they’ll keep coming back. Instead, it is about speaking our target audience’s language and providing something our competitors won’t (or even better, can’t).

Sass Of The Week

The ever-lasting battle between Pepsi and Coca-Cola has been fizzing up this week (HA!) with some pretty sassy social. We mean, just check out the meme above… burnnnnnnn!

Want to know more? Embrace the drama here:

Ads Of The Week

This week’s ad of the week was such a difficult decision, we had to go with two…


Ad 1 for this week is an incredible partnership between a host of organisations coming together to promote one simple message: don’t bring up your kids to be racist.

We could talk about how important this topic is all day, but we think it’s better we let this beautiful campaign speak for itself. Check it out here:


The second ad of the week? Well, when The Pope himself put his face on an ad campaign, we can’t NOT mention it, can we?!

Pope Francis is featured prominently in a new ad created by the Ad Council and Covid Collaborative to counter the effect of misinformation spread by the anti-vaxxer movement.

Watch the ad, and find out more about why The Pope got involved, here:


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