P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 12th November – 19th November 2021


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P1C News


It’s been one hell of a busy week at P1C… kicking off with welcoming new team member Amy Farrer as Content Manager at our Windsor office, who’ll support the creation of awesome written content for our clients. Plus, she’s a real whizz with the camera. Everyone say hi!

We’re buzzing to have started work with our new social media client, Kintsugi. Plus, the Breal CM brand new website is now live, which we’re spreading the word about. Elsewhere in the team, Aldenham School hosted virtual open days for prospective students (with assets created by us, of course), our Communications Assistant Alice jetted off to Venice to soak up some Italian sunshine and MD Karen headed to Dubai to join our clients at Dubai Design Week. She even got to spend a day out on a boat with the P1C Dubai team – dreamy!

Hard Rock Cafe is set to reach 200k likes on TikTok and we’re so chuffed to have contributed our wacky ideas to this. Plus, last but not least, a big announcement just yesterday… CarFest 2022 tickets are now on sale! With the eagerly-anticipated headline acts being revealed featuring the likes of Olly Murs, Rag n’ Bone Man and McFly we can’t wait to attend!

Social Media News


Here’s your update for the latest goings-on in the world of social media for the past week:

  • Facebook is switching up the content we see in our newsfeeds by allowing users to adjust their preferences to only view specific people, pages and groups. A great update to ensure that brands are sharing consistent and relevant content to keep their audiences engaged.
  • Instagram is requesting users to verify their identity with multi-angled video selfies to tackle the rising problem of bot and spam accounts. (I fell victim to this myself, but I promise I’m not getting up to no good!)
  • Snapchat has improved it’s map function by adding a ‘Layers’ toggle that will allow users to present the map in different views, featuring ‘Memories’ pinning your own content snapped at that location and ‘Explore’ for an insight into worldwide happenings. This’ll prove useful for location-based brands on Snapchat.
  • Twitter is rolling out tags for misinformation on it’s platform, flagging tweets that may be misleading. It has improved the design, colour and context of the feature allowing information to appear more clearly to viewers.
  • Facebook has introduced a new feature to encourage shopping within Facebook Groups, through which users can share recommendations for products with others. Social ecommerce is definitely on the rise!
  • TikTok has launched ‘The Game Room’ featuring familiar faces sharing gameplay with audiences across the globe. The first stream will go live TODAY (19 Nov) so tune in to the TikTok official channel to see Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp battle it out with others and see what it’s all about!
  • Snapchat et al (Spotify, Amazon and Google Cloud) went down on Tuesday (16 Nov), with users reporting an outage across the apps. We just can’t deal with more of these social shutdowns, especially after the whole Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp saga that we all (merely) survived.
  • Instagram has introduced not one but TWO new features that we reckon you’ll love. 1) The rage shake – just give your phone a shake when something goes wrong and you’ll be able to report the issue easily. 2) Deleting single images from the carousel view that you want to get rid of (finally!). Don’t go too hard and smash your brand-new iPhone 13 when you’re testing the rage function, though!


Following on from last week’s festive theme, we’ve seen even more Christmas ads pop up on the telly to add to the list! They just keep on coming. Take a look at what we’ve spotted…


Farmer Christmas – Morrisons

Playing homage to Farmers this year, Morrisons have really hit the mark on the message of making the most of what we’ve got, portraying the farmer as the gift that just keeps on giving. The ad focuses on real people, highlighting the efforts of the community during the festive period. Really lovely, we think!

Watch the full ad here

Percy Pig – M&S

One for the kids, M&S brings its prized possession, Percy Pig, to life for a showcase of all the festive food you can grab off sparks’ shelves this year. An interesting career move for Tom Holland who voices Percy – once SpiderMan, now pig. And of course Dawn French as The Fairy, in case you hadn’t guessed already! Now we all know M&S for it’s famous “It’s not just food, it’s M&S food” and there’s certainly a glimmer of that in this ad, but we love the lighthearted twist with Christmas characters we certainly won’t forget!

Watch the full ad here

This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us – Tesco

Tesco, who usually rate highly on their annual Christmas ad, have received backlash for their 2021 efforts. With themes and references to the nation battling through post-COVID-19, the ad shows Father Christmas displaying his vaccination passport at the airport, which received social media outroar for discrimination against those who have not had the vaccine. Though Christmas is meant to be a time of joy and celebration, it seems the message behind this ad – “This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us” – has gone amiss. But they’ve for sure hit the nail on the head for relevancy!

Watch the full ad here

It’s The Very Best Excuse – Very

You can’t deny it – a Christmas ad that has its own song is always bound to catch on! And if you watch it enough times you’ll find yourself singing this one in the shower. The ad has definitely done it’s job in terms of advertising what Very has to offer, you can just about grab your loved ones (and of course yourself) anything! Writing our Christmas lists as we speak… Plus we love the little branded pink hints throughout. Nice touch!

Watch the full add here

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