P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 12th – 16th September 2022

It’s been a week since with deep sadness, the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was announced. We mourn profoundly the passing of such a cherished Sovereign, as her loss is deeply felt throughout the country, the Realms and the Commonwealth, and by countless people around the world.

In the difficult days ahead, we will come together to celebrate her extraordinary lifetime of service. It is a great time of loss, but Queen Elizabeth II leaves a great legacy.

At P1C we have released statements on behalf of ourselves and our clients, and paused our UK clients’ content, as we respect the mourning period ahead of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

P1C News


The students of a selection of our clients – Aldenham School, Aldenham Prep and St Hilda’s Prep School for Girls went back to school last Monday. You can find out what they get up to, and check out our work, over on their social media.

After two amazing events over the summer (which received hundreds of pieces of coverage), CarFest is already ramping up for next summer. Last week, early-bird tickets went on sale for the first ever One Big CarFest, which will be taking place in August 2023 – head over to CarFest’s Instagram and Facebook to find out more, and check out our work.

Our design team have been hard at work creating new graphics and artwork for FluidOne, which have recently been installed in FluidOne’s offices – you can check out a photo on their LinkedIn page.

We’ve written a new blog for Voiceflex, which is now up on their website – if you’ve ever heard of the ISDN shutdown and are wondering what exactly it is, head over to the Voiceflex website to find out more.

Social Media News


Keep on reading to find out about the new features and updates that have been hitting the headlines over in the world of social media.

  • Twitter has started testing a new feature that people have been asking for for years – that’s right, it looks like you’ll soon be able to edit your tweets after you’ve posted them. It’s testing the feature with internal staff at the moment, before expanding to even more users. Edited tweets will have a note at the bottom telling other users it’s edited, and you’ll also be able to see the edited history – but at least you can finally fix embarrassing typos.
  • Snapchat is looking to compete with BeReal, as it’s now launched its very own slightly similar feature, called Dual Camera. Snapchat users can now use the forward and backward-facing cameras at the same time, but unlike BeReal, the app is encouraging them to do more than take selfies. On Snapchat you can also take videos, and display them in different formats, including horizontal and vertical.
  • Instagram has revealed that it’s testing out a new ‘Re-Post’ feature for its main feed. If it goes further than testing, it will allow users to share and amplify any post by another user, by sharing it with all of their followers. Users can already share posts in their stories, but this would give them another way to give creators credit for their work.
  • LinkedIn has made it easier to get conversations started in the comments on posts. The new update allows users to pin the best comments and replies, allowing you to highlight the best responses you’ve had. It’s a way of guiding the conversation, or just acknowledging other users for their thoughtful comments. Either way, it can help to maximise engagement on your posts. 
  • Pinterest has launched a new advertising campaign designed to differentiate it from all the other social media networks out there. The new campaign is designed to showcase Pinterest as a much more positive experience. It follows some of the new features that Pinterest launched over the summer, which made it easier for merchants to create more engaging shopping experiences for Pinterest’s users.

It’s Not Easy Being Green


The outdoor fashion brand Patagonia has always been environmentally-friendly. One of the brand’s most famous marketing campaigns, in 2001, told customers not to buy its jackets, and by listing all the reasons why they shouldn’t buy them, it encouraged them to consider the environmental impact of fashion.

This week, though, Patagonia went one step further. The billionaire founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, has given away his company. It’s now owned by a trust, who will ensure that all the business’s profits will now go towards saving the environment and fighting climate change. In a statement released on Wednesday, which can be read on Patagonia’s website, Chouinard wrote that ‘Earth is now our only shareholder,’ and went on to add that ‘Instead of “going public,” you could say we’re “going purpose.”’

More and more firms are going green nowadays, and doing their bit to look after the planet. Earlier this year, for example, Tesco announced that it had removed one and a half billion pieces of plastic from its business, including bags, cutlery, and straws. So far no other businesses have gone as far as Patagonia, but hopefully others will follow in their footsteps.

Image Of The Week

Our image of the week is a poignant shot of King Charles III, Prince William and Prince Harry as they walked behind Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin, a scene reminiscent of when they followed their mother Princess Diana’s coffin, 25 years ago.



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