P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 12th – 16th July 2021

As you had to wait a whole two weeks for our last comms update, we’re back with another one already. LUCKY YOU!

Brands Behind England


After the very worst side of this country was displayed following the Euro 2020 Final on Sunday, countless brands have taken the opportunity to celebrate the bravery, talent, and determination of the England team. Here are just a couple of the brand communications that have restored our faith in humanity this week…

ITV: Together we will never lose. ITV Stand with England. by Uncommon Creative Studio


BT: #SayNoToRacism by Saatchi & Saatchi

P1C News


The social media team has been rushed off their feet this week, with launches planned for several clients, as well as a big boost in story and reels content planned for July across all social clients. Plus, with the North edition of our favourite family-friendly fundraising festival Carfest coming up next weekend, we’ve got a lot of prep on our hands!

Anyway, onto the bits you’re really here for…

Social Media News


In a move that’s pretty unusual as far as social media platforms are concerned, Twitter has announced that it’s retiring Fleets, its own take on the Stories format, after less than a year of its existence. Twitter had intended for the disappearing content option to broaden user’s experience on the platform, but it just doesn’t seem to have caught on.

We don’t know about you, but we think it’s quite refreshing to see a social media giant accepting its mistakes and adapting to the genuine wants and needs of its users!


In response to the overwhelming call for a clamp down on social media abuse this week, Instagram is rolling out a new setting.

Currently being tested on selected users, the new ‘Limits’ option within the platform’s Privacy settings will enable users to temporarily limit unwanted comments and messages from selected groups. These groups will be suggested by Instagram based on detected activity.

As shown in the image above, users will also be able to specifically choose to limit interactions from accounts that don’t follow them, or new followers, which could help to reduce the impact of those looking to join a pile-on.
It’s certainly a start, but we have to ask… is it enough?

Changing The Hiring Game


US Burrito restaurant Chipotle has become one of the first large chains to accept TikTok videos as job applications. The move aligns perfectly with TikTok’s roll-out of its new resume site,

With unemployment rising, and a labour shortage sweeping the US, organisations have got to start being smart with their recruitment tactics. Plus, as the largely young and unemployed Gen-Z feel much more comfortable behind the camera than talking to people IRL, video resumes could be the answer.

Campaign Of The Week


Channel 4’s third year of screening the Paralympic Games has started with another incredible ad campaign.

Made by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Bradford Young, “Super. Human.” explores the sacrifices made by Paralympians to pursue their dreams of being crowned Paralympic champions. Unlike previous iterations of the Superhumans campaigns, this new film focuses on the fragilities and day to day struggles facing elite athletes – putting the emphasis on ‘human’ over ‘super’.

It is a beautiful display of raw marketing, and we love it.
Watch the full trailer here:

Ad Of The Week


The magic of good copy is that it needs very little else to support it. This ad from Branston Pickle is a perfect example of this. Someone get that copywriter knighted.

Meme of the week



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