P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 11th – 24th September 2021


We’re back with another Friday Finds – this time packed with all the action from two whole weeks of comms, design, and development action!

P1C News

What a great couple of weeks we’ve had! MORE new clients have climbed on board the P1C train, Alice and Kirsty had an awesome weekend with Hard Rock Cafe at the Isle Of Wight festival, and the UK team met up at our Windsor offices yesterday for a catch-up and a well-deserved team lunch.

Meanwhile, we’re on the hunt for some more talented humans to join team P1C. SO if you or someone you know fancies joining our wonderful family, drop us an email at

Social Media News


A quick update for everything going on in the world of social media over the past 2 weeks:

  • Facebook has shared some very helpful information regarding the kind of content it is looking to limit in news feeds. Good news if you don’t fancy having your content thrown into the shadows! Read more here.
  • Facebook has also announced some new tools designed to help businesses to connect with their audience on both Facebook and Instagram, including click-to-message ads, a ‘whatsapp’ button on IG profiles, and a ‘get quote’ button on Facebook pages. Find out more about the new tools here.
  • In an attempt to counter the data lost in Apple’s recent tracking update, Facebook have announced that they will begin automatically expanding ad targeting to include interests and other factors outside of those you’ve pre-selected (as long as they feel it would be beneficial to your ad performance). Don’t worry though, they won’t be changing any core targeting options (i.e. demographics). Find out more here.
  • Tipping on Twitter is now available to all users, with payment providers such as Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon and Razorpay all included in payment options. What’s more, the platform will soon be adding Bitcoin to its list of payment options. Want to see if you can make money from your Twitter activity? Click here to find out how to enable tipping on your profile.
  • A new partnership sees Pinterest facilitate grocery shopping in-app. The integration will see users able to purchase the exact ingredients used in a pinned recipe, all without leaving the app! Check it out here.
  • Great news for advertisers who regularly use lead gen forms on LinkedIn! The platform has introduced new integration options with Zapier, allowing the data collected in LinkedIn lead generation forms to be sent directly to the event app or customer database of your choice! A big win for data entry time-saving!

Design Of The Week


Pringle’s famous ‘Mr P’ has undergone a pretty drastic makeover in the brand’s first major rebrand in 20 years. A redesign of the mascot, logo and packaging has seen the iconic crisp brand seriously simplify its look.

Honestly, we’re not sure we like the new Mr P (where is his hair?! The expression in his eyes?!)… But we have to admit that the new packaging, inspired by the ingredients in each flavour, is pretty enticing!

OOH Marketing Of The week

To celebrate the return of the brilliant Great British Bake Off, Channel 4 transformed a Glasgow building into a 78ft tall cake topped with pink icing. The installation also featured a 23ft fork with some icing and a cherry poised on top. What a way to grab viewer’s attention?!

Have you seen this week’s episode yet? We want to know who you think will make it to the final…

Packaging Idea Of The Week


Heinz ketchup celebrates its humble tomato-based beginnings with new plantable tomato seed labels! Taking a leaf (pun intended!) out of the books of sustainable brands like TALA and Pangea, the Kraft brand launched their new packaging as part of their ‘Tomato First’ campaign.

Just make sure you don’t go planting the whole bottle…

Ad Of The Week


Ladbrokes have nailed this week’s ‘Ad Of The Week’ with an entertaining spot that’s bound to make you smile. The 60-second ad hones in on the ‘play’ aspect of the online casino with a game of ‘don’t let the balloon touch the floor’ that encapsulates a whole city.


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