P1C Friday Finds Round-Up: 11th – 17th December 2021


Is it really already that time again? Wow the week has flown! But here it is, your Friday Finds update!

P1C News


After laughing, indulging and dancing the night away at our annual P1C Christmas party last week, we’ve been cracking down on lots of exciting campaigns this week. From writing up Christmas emails for FluidOne, to creating stunning Christmas and New Year designs for Far East Consortium, there’s been lots of festive-themed content in the works. Plus, our Hard Rock 12 Days of Giveaways campaign was a great success, resulting in a huge growth of new followers and engagement across socials! Two new blogs were published for Cyber Security Associates featuring a Cyber Essentials update and CSA Awards of the Year 2021, so go give them a read. Plus, we’re super excited to be back working with our clients in Dubai, including Downtown Design for their design fair in November 2022, and Sabco Sports on the social campaigns for their upcoming events. Stay tuned for more info! Phew, that was a lot to mention, right?!

Social Media News


Social media fan? Here’s all the platform updates you need to know to stay in the loop!

  • Instagram has rolled out its ‘Take a Break’ feature to all iPhone users to limit their time on the app. Working hand in hand with ‘Daily Limit’, we’re encouraged to take breaks from endless scrolling to reduce screen time. You might be in for a shock taking a peek at the daily average time spent on the app, so make sure to use this feature to your advantage!
  • Facebook announces new comment moderation and support features aimed at creators to help maximise their use of the platform. Creators will now be able to hide comments mid-stream to help filter out spam and inappropriate responses. Plus, a big update for regular users: a new live chat option for those who’ve been locked out of their accounts.
  • Twitter is testing a new creative tweet option – ‘Quote Tweet with Reaction’ – that enables users to capture a response to a Tweet via the full-screen camera mode. Tweeting with a difference, the app is expanding beyond basic replies by exploring an updated text option whereby users will be able to post colour-customised Tweets. Sounds a lot more exciting! Let’s get colourful…
  • TikTok is testing a new desktop streaming software, ‘TikTok Live Studio,’ aimed at video game streaming. Users will be able to stream content from their desktop, phone or games console, and engage with viewers through the chat feature. A smart move to keep creators within the app, rather than redirecting to external platforms, TikTok continues to expand its capabilities.
  • Snapchat’s year-in-review feature is back with ‘Year End Stories’ allowing users to take a look back at their snapped memories, organised by category. These are time limited, though, so be sure to check yours out before it’s too late! A great opportunity for brands to see their marketing campaigns, product launches and brand developments released via Snapchat over the past year!
  • Facebook owner, Meta, pledges to improve data privacy, by giving users greater control over how their data is used in targeted ads. Meta regards personalisation as a key asset in ads, though when done wrong, it can be detrimental to harming brand trust. The update is all part of the bigger picture to increase the effectiveness of its ad tools, one in which businesses will benefit from.
  • Instagram has rolled out a new ‘Reels Visual Replies’ feature that enables users to create a video reply to comments on posts using reels, which’ll appear as a sticker. A feature adopted by video-giants TikTok, we’re sure it’ll be a success in helping viewers engage with creators.

Christmas Ads of the Week


The year is coming to a close but Christmas is still upon us! We’ll take every opportunity to talk about it, because when it’s over, we really will miss it (sad face). On this occasion, there’ve been some notable Christmas-but-not-Christmas brand ads popping up on our screens that we just can’t resist mentioning.

Britain Get Talking: It’s Been a Year – ITV

The UK’s most recognised mental health campaign, Britain Get Talking, returns to our screens with ITV’s star-studded Christmas ad for 2021. The ad follows a day in the life of an ITV makeup artist, with a look into her busy schedule serving looks to famous faces. With conversations about the struggles of the pandemic and Christmas fast approaching, the ad is lighthearted, funny, relatable and touching. It isn’t until her last client, Maya Jama, that the protagonist is asked about how she is, after a long day of listening to others. The ad reminds us that whilst our difficulties may seem like a priority, it’s important for us all to feel heard by checking in on one another this Christmas, leaving viewers with a significant message to take home. Watch the full ad here

He’s Alive – Peloton

It’s likely that this is not the first time you’ve heard about it, but it’s too good not to share! We absolutely love the humorous response from Peloton after one of their instructors and an exercise bike were featured in a tragic scene in the new Sex and the City reboot.

Spoiler alert… the scene in question involves the sudden death of a key character, Mr. Big, who suffers a heart attack after a 45-minute Peloton workout. In response, Peloton posted a video of Mr. Big alive and well, enjoying a new life with the instructor. Taking a slight dig at the show, they mention that his former lifestyle and family history was the likely cause of his death and using one of its exercise bikes may have even helped delay his cardiac event. Ryan Reynolds also provides a fantastic voiceover explaining the benefits of the exercise bike. Definitely a BIG win for Peloton’s marketing team! Watch the full ad here

Good Things Are In Our Grasp – Guinness

We’re reminded of Guinness wherever we go as this ad captures that iconic black stout body and frothy white top amongst everyday objects in society, with the message that “good things are in our grasp”. An oh-so clever, but simple move from the marketers behind this one. Plus, the ad features beautiful music courtesy of voices from The Brighton Swing Choir and Bebington Bittermen to add that real Christmassy touch! And at the end, we’re told that the Irish giant has pledged £30m to support pubs, so what’s not to love? Even if we’re not the biggest fans, we’re sure tempted to give a pint of Guinness a go this Christmas! Watch the full ad here

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