This specialist men's health clinic needed to reach out to a new audience online and drive growth. We developed a measurable, considered and well researched campaign that maintained the brand image and integrity.

Our Challenge

Increase website traffic and improve visibility across search engines.

Increase awareness of the brand and bring in new business to the clinic.

Raise the online profile of the WellMan Clinic’s founder.

Our Technique


Our strategy involved a thorough review of technical issues on the site, and the identification and removal of duplicate content. We made the website mobile optimised, improved the consumer experience and fixed all crawling errors.


We launched a content-production hub that provided value and entertainment to the core audience. We ensured the blog was updated regularly and focused on topics that attracted attention and back-links. We positioned brand values front and centre in all content.


We identified that brand searches were the top ranking term, but in searches for key terms such as TRT (testosterone Replacement Therapy) the WellMan Clinic did not rank. We implemented strategies including PR, email marketing and engaging with digital influencers to earn quality backlinks through content placement.


The previous year saw The WellMan Clinic's organic search rate drop considerably during off-peak seasons. We targeted our efforts towards improving traffic during these periods and turned a negative trend into a positive trend. Compared to the year before, direct traffic to the site increased by 1,758.23% across the off-peak season.

In the first three months we increased direct website traffic by 31%. The number of sessions increased by 5.34% and the unique views on the site increased by 2.41%.


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