Website & SEO 2016-18

Pomanda is a corporate finance platform that gives business owners, investors and advisers the tools they need to transact successfully.

P1C has been tasked with creating an integrated communications strategy for Pomanda to position the brand as the go-to resource for business valuation, deal making and corporate finance.



To maximise impact for the brand, we created an integrated communications campaign that includes social media, content marketing, SEO and AdWords. We also worked on the web development and design, delivering an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and information-rich website.

Furthermore, we established a recognisable style that is mirrored in all design and content for the brand in order to optimally address our target audiences.

Through the development of specialised content, AdWords and SEO campaigns, we were able to connect the brand to a professional audience and raise its image as a dedicated resource for SMEs.



  • Built strong brand presence
  • Focused on driving SMEs to sign up
  • 1,000 signups in 3 months