Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

PR Campaign 2011-18

P1C was challenged with establishing Hyde Park Winter Wonderland as a must-go-to event and building the brand to become globally renowned whilst protecting the brand values along the way.

Since 2011, we have successfully managed the PR campaign for Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and built its reputation in the media to become Europe’s no.1 Christmas destination.



We implemented a very clear communications strategy for the event, ensuring the key messages were delivered. We adopted early fans in the media and the celebrity world, rewarding them along the way with access to the event. We listened to their feedback and made sure that any constructive criticism was taken on board.

We also facilitated the biggest broadcast opportunities in the UK and across the globe, and now receive broadcast crews from as far as Australia, Russia, USA, China and Japan.



  • In 2017/18 the PR coverage value rose to over £33 million, with a circulation of 1.074 billion (non-unique) for the six-week event
  • Every year, we have achieved blanket coverage at launch across all media outlets, including the front cover of The Guardian
  • Broadcast crews who have filmed on-site include: BBC Weather, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Children in Need, The One Show, This Morning and Good Morning Britain