Keep it Classy… Protecting Your Privacy on Social Media

Cast your mind back: Paris. Early October. Anything ringing a bell? Thought not…

Well, you might not remember anything about it, but for KardashiFans across the globe, the effects of the Kim Kardashian Robbery Scandal are still being felt.

The initial trauma of Kim’s Parisian robbery may have diminished but as we continue to awaither return to social media over a month on from her traumatic attack in Paris, you might want to consider your own personal platform privacy. Sure, your Snapchat views might not have quite the same sized audience as any member of the Kardashian Klan, but it’s still best to err on the side of caution. So, here’s a helpful reminder of how to keep yourself safe with all things social!


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Snapchat is instantaneous. It’s part of its charm and why it boasts 150-million daily active uses worldwide. The features are undeniably entertaining (we get it!), so don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you have to give up your favourite obsession. However, Snapchat can also give away a lot – a lot more than you may be conscious of. Features like geo filters and timestamped ‘My Story’ can provide your audience with your exact location. One way to combat this (as once suggested by the Kardashians themselves) is to post your snaps whilst on airplane mode and to ‘retry’ sending them once you have left the area. One of the most recently added updates allows you to post snapchats from your camera roll, enabling users to have a lot more control, and time to think through their posts.


The Best Booking Apps for Restaurant Reservations | Plus1 Communications


Facebook and Twitter

You might feel like you’ve got Facebook & Twitter down –you’ve been constantly bombarded with reminders to change your privacy settings, and you DON’T need to hear it again. Am I right? Just a few things you might not have considered, then:

  • Think twice about checking in abroad/at an airport – (you’re basically giving people the heads up that your house is empty and now would be a good time to break in!)
  • Don’t check in at home! (How many of those 750 people are actually your ‘friends?’)
  • If you share a location on one update, both platforms will then attach your location to the next post you draft. They will use your current city which is usually fine, but avoid sharing a precise location altogether to be on the safe side.


Our beloved Instagram tends to be used to share photos of events that have already happened – it’s a lengthy edit process to get that insta post perfect, we know! However, for those avid ‘Ig-ers’ who manage to post in the moment, just remember to use the location feature carefully.Luckily your location won’t be shared automatically! Phew.

So, be careful of what you share on social media. It sounds obvious but it’s easy to forget, and new features/updates mean it’s essential to keep on top of your privacy game!



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