How To Write A Stellar Blog Post As Told By Your Favourite Meme’s

Do you write blogs for your website and/or LinkedIn profile right now, but feel they could be performing better? Maybe you want to write blogs but you don’t know where to start? At P1C, we have a team of talented copywriters on hand to write client blogs that will knock your socks off!

AND just for today, you lucky people will be able to crawl into the minds of these word wizards via their top tips for blog writing!


Tip 1 – Do The Research

Got an idea for a blog post? Great! Now it’s time to do some digging. Don’t be afraid to spend time researching your topic, especially if it’s something new or unfamiliar. You will always write better copy when you’re better informed.


Tip 2 – SEO Time (A.K.A. praying to the google gods)

SEO can be a vital tool in ensuring your blog’s success. To help your blog reach the widest possible audience, find the keywords and search terms that people are searching for around your topic. Not sure where to start? Try for keywords, and answerthepublic for long-tail searches!


Tip 3 – Structure Is Key

Before you start writing, plan the sections of your blog. Think about the questions you want to answer, the topics you want to cover, and anything else your readers might find useful (e.g. definitions, tables / diagrams, or quotes). Write draft subtitles for each section – you don’t have to use these in our final blog, but it will help you to structure your blog in a way that is easy to follow.


Tip 4 – Watch Your Language

No matter what kind of copy you are writing, the most important questions you can ask yourself are: who are you writing as and who are you writing for? You wouldn’t want to write a complex, formal article if writing for a brand with a relaxed tone of voice. But you also wouldn’t want to write a laid-back blog with lots of colloquial language for an audience of top-tier professionals!


Tip 5 – Be Succinct

Writing a blog post is all about conveying a message, sharing some news, or providing insights on a topic. And the best way to get that across is to be super clear in what you’re saying and how you say it. Don’t use over complicated words or fancy shmancy syntax. This isn’t an academic paper, it’s a blog post. The more accessible and fun you make it to read, the more people are likely to read it.


Tip 6 – Choose Your Imagery Wisely

Images can make or break a blog. They shouldn’t replace necessary copy, but they should support the content and reflect the tone of your writing. When it comes to gaining more readers, a good title and an appropriate header image have the power to pull in way more traffic to your blog page.


Tip 7 – Proof your work (and more than once)

If you’ve been working on a long project your eyes will start to see what they want to see – which may mean you miss grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your writing. Use tools like Grammarly and spell check to pick up things you might have missed. And if you can, ask your lovely colleagues to give your work a once over. This is particularly useful if they don’t work on the same clients or projects as you, because if it makes sense to them – then you’ve done your job well!


Tip 8 – Read It Out Loud!

If you tend to be trigger happy with the commas, this one’s for you! When you read things aloud you can see where the natural pauses are, where you might need to cut a long sentence into two, and where you might have used the same word or phrasing twice. Do this even if you’ve already used Grammarly and/or asked a colleague to proof your work, as there may be some things they’ve missed!


Tip 9 – Promote It

You’ve gone to all that effort to write your blog, so you owe it to yourself to make sure it is read! Make the most of social media, your website, affiliate websites, advertising campaigns, email, and even word of mouth to ensure the maximum possible number of people read your beautiful writing.


Tip 10 – Don’t Duplicate Content

Our last tip? Don’t be tempted to write the same blog twice (or more!). If you want to revisit a topic, consider rewriting your blog and using the same URL as your previous blog, or write a brand new article in response to the original, quoting and/or linking to that initial blog where appropriate. Better still, if a topic you’ve previously written about is relevant again, repost it on social media!

Looking for a little more support with content writing, or any other aspect of your marketing? We’d love to help. Get in touch!


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