Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi

Website, Social Media & SEO

Global travel provider Etihad Airways sought to amplify their reach through content-driven SEO and social practices. 

Plus 1 Communications was appointed as the sole content marketing provider for Europe and North America – producing content for outreach in English, French and German and translating into Arabic for use in the local market.



To develop a rich understanding of a diverse audience, including their interests, their lifestyles and their motivations.

To create a long-term SEO strategy that is future-proof to the shifting landscape of search engine algorithms.

To make shareable, sticky content that embodies the Etihad brand, whilst providing lasting value to consumers.

Step 1
Keyword, consumer and trends research

Step 2
Content creation

Step 3



  • Onsite, we created an Etihad-branded content hub filled with useful and relevant content such as articles, how-to guides and infographics.
  • Offsite, we sourced premium domain authority links using trusted and relevant third party sites. This improved Etihad’s ranking for relevant keywords and built up their overall exposure on the web. Links included Elle Décor.
  • Relevant and shareable content concerning key travel routes translated into strong visibility, low bounce-rates and longer dwelling time.