Digital Marketing Can Save Your Business Money

The internet is one of the most powerful money saving tools for a business no matter the size. To build an online presence takes time but once your brand is visible it’s much easier to connect with followers, customers and anyone who’s interested in your brand.

Being online offers businesses the chance to resolve problems instantly. You can deal with your customers 24/7. And the more engaged you are the more likely it is you can avoid unpleasant situations.

Just to give you an example, Fedex estimates a saving of $2-$5 for every complaint by doing customer service online rather than over the phone – this saves them millions every year.

Here are few reasons why a company should embrace the advantages the internet comes with:

  1. Social media can be a useful tool for customer service

    Just having a presence on social media is not enough, you need to be constantly active, answer questions and provide support where needed. Also, it’s always worth searching for your brand’s name on social channels to see what people are saying about you. You don’t want to miss out on conversations you could be a part of!


  2. Traditional advertising is expensive and hard to track

    Traditional advertising is great for increasing brand awareness because it’s directed to a large public audience, but it’s hard to measure.

    For business owners and marketers it’s vital to have precise data that can help to inform your decisions. Wouldn’t you want to know how many existing and new visitors you have on your website? Why people are leaving your website straight after landing on it? Or why they are spending a long time browsing without taking any action?

    This is the information that’s changing the way business is done and as much as this might look familiar for some, there are still many companies that are not aware of the power of online data.


  3. It’s faster and can target precise markets

    One of the reasons the internet has become popular is its freedom to communicate messages to a broader audience or to target niche markets.

    You have complete control of who you direct the message to depending on their geographical area, age, occupation…plus, you can also control when the campaign goes live and when you want to push promotion.


  4. Online product information

    People research and read reviews before they buy, so provide them with useful information about your products on your website or social channels. Some people like to learn about products independently and the internet can make this information immediately available to customers. You could capitalize on this by doing short videos on how to use your product or how to maintain it. This doesn’t have to take much time and can be a useful tool for persuading customers to make a purchase.

    If you are not selling products but you have a great service to offer, you could give advice on your niche market. Creating easy to understand infographics or ‘how-to’ videos and sharing them on social media are a great way of demonstrating your expertise.

    Check out this how-to video from custom paint finisher Brad Angove. He sells his personal brand, and his own expertise – this may help Do-it-Yourselfers around the world, but it also drives business to his own workshop.

  5. Real time updatesThe internet allows you to update everything in real time. Updating catalogues, brochures and prices can be done with a minimum of an effort and expense.


    Implementing all these can reduce your costs and get you closer to the consumer. Gathering useful information about your target customers can improve your business and ROI. The main thing to remember is that consistency is the key to growth. Maintain your tone-of-voice, maintain regular communications and be on the ball when reacting to customer queries.

    If you don’t have the time to dedicate to digital marketing, get a specialist to help you out. Get in touch at


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