Weekly Comms Roundup 24 – 28 February 2020

As part of his bid to become the new Mayor of the city, Rory Stewart wants to get to know Londoners better – and he’s come up with a pretty direct way to do it. The independent Mayor of London candidate has launched an online campaign called ‘Come Kip With Me’ in which he asks those in the capital to let him stay the night. Interesting…


Heineken has launched a new global campaign, “Cheers to All”, challenging the gender stereotypes that are associated with ordering certain drinks. The film plays upon the presumptions that only men drink beer and women prefer cocktails. Watch the video here


Automotive giant Ford have come up with a novel solution to increase cyclist safety by launching the ‘emoji jacket.’ Over 2,000 cyclists are killed by drivers on the road in Europe every year, and Ford hopes the jacket will signal to other road users the intentions of the cyclist. To read more, check out the link here


An AI-operated piano is converting legal text into unique musical pieces. Created by Vinge, the law firm is aiming to demonstrate that their legal work is effectively another form of art. Check it out here


Did you know that beige-coloured plasters were made to match skin tones? They are now. In order to promote diversity, Tesco has become the first UK supermarket to launch plasters in a range of skin tones. Check it out here



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