Banana Tree

Website, Social Media & SEO

Banana Tree is the home of fantastic food from the Indochinese region. It is an award-winning restaurant that serves vibrant Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Singaporean dishes.

Plus 1 Comms have been tasked with raising awareness of the brand and its eight restaurants across the country through a combination of digital marketing strategies.



Content - We have been creating fun, memorable creatives to share with the audience, improving brand engagement and establishing a distinctive brand personality. We share messages about the brand’s history and culture, further impressing the face of the brand.

Conversation - We proactively engage with the audience, communicating with them directly, creating conversations and responding to messages in a friendly, entertaining way.

Conversion - We promote conversion by highlighting attractive offers, creating effective calls to action and emphasising the high quality of the Banana Tree brand.



  • Website referrals increased by 30%
  • Organic search increased by 12%
  • 5% increase in website traffic within the first 2 months
  • Ranked on Google’s first page for specific keywords
  • 400% increase in engagement
  • Social media referrals to the website increased 25%
  • 70% increase in Twitter reach
  • 23% increase in Instagram likes