5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting With Facebook Adverts

1. Don’t use the “Boost Post” button.

If this is your first encounter with FB and you are drawn to boosting your organic posts with this button, we might be able to forgive you.


However, it’s always best practice to run ads via Ads Manager for many reasons. Firstly, it gives you more control over the target audience that you would like the ad to be seen by. It also allows you to manage your budget and placement of the ad so there are no surprises when it comes to billing.


2. Think about WHY you’re doing it

Before you decide to spend money on Facebook Ads, think about what it is that you want to achieve. What would be the ultimate goal of running your ad campaign? Will it be to direct traffic to the website? If yes, what is it for? Is it to get more contact form submissions? Ecommerce purchases?

Exposure? Collecting potential customer’s data? This list isn’t exhaustive but as you can see it provides a number of options.

What is key is that you need to make sure you have a proper goal that will help you to visualise what audience you want (and need) to target which will then determine the results that you get.

A large number of engagements might look good on social but if the audience is not your target audience, they won’t convert, and you won’t achieve your goal.

3. Take your time

Try to think ahead when investing money into Facebook ads. The campaign needs to last long enough to allow all of your desired audience members to see what you have to offer. If the campaign is too short with a high budget – you will be burning money as Facebook will just show the ads very frequently and won’t have enough time to complete the learning phase.

4. Let people decide what they like

Even though you think you know who your target audience is, you might not know what type of content they like. That’s why you should give them a choice. Prepare different ad formats, with a variation of messaging, an assortment of call to actions etc. and let the Facebook algorithm work its magic. Then you can see how to spend your money by reviewing what is working best (sometimes you might be surprised by the best performing ad – it’s quite often not the one you were rooting for).


5. Test, test, test

Each campaign is unique in terms of offer, audience, time and place so there is no ready-made recipe for success. You need to get there by yourself. How? By analysing your campaign every few days, finding out what is being received well and what isn’t. You need to keep adjusting the ads to lower their cost per result in order to find your unique, best responding audience and discover what type of content they respond best to.


We hope this intro guide will help you to make a good start with your first ad campaigns. If you have more questions – we’re here to help!


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Plus 1 Communications

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